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The Fellowship of HASA

"How your task is to be achieved I do not know..."

says Elrond in the chapter "The Ring Goes South" of FOTR.

But he knows that Frodo will need help, he knwos that to achieve this task Frodo will need companions:

"...companions to go with you, as far as they will or fortune allows."

To achieve the task of keeping the Henneth Annûn Story Archive alive, we need companions, too.

We need companions for the Fellowship of HASA!

We need members to read and comment on the many stories posted here, we need reviewers who take the time to carefully review the submitted stories. We need contributors who share their knowledge of the Ardaverse and many other things in Resources. We need writers to share their ideas as nuzgûl flingers and crafters of mithril armour to take care of the Challenges section and all its creatures. We need volunteers to help out in the various sections of HASA, for welcoming new members and keeping a look-out for any problems. We need admins for the site management, because it is impossible for one or two persons to carry on the neverending quest of handling the admin work of a site as demanding as HASA.

If you like HASA, if you enjoy the time you spend at HASA, would you allow Elrond to choose you as a companion on the quest to keep HASA going?

It's an exciting quest! Maybe not quite as exciting as that of the Fellowship, and certainly not as dark and dangerous. But it is richly rewarding in friendship and fun and learning new things.

Think about it!



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