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HASA is looking for volunteers! Elanor of aquitania has kindly volunteered to share the job of Site Manager. We need someone willing to share the job with her - anyone able to help out? In case you prefer to be the principal Site Manager, you are most welcome to volunteer accordingly; elanor might then function as your backup. If you are interested, post here, use the Site Manager contact form or e-mail elanor directly. Your HASA Admins



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What does the job entail, exactly? And how much of a time commitment is it? -Aerlinnel



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What does the job entail, exactly? And how much of a time commitment is it? It's variable, but easier if people split it up. In general: Read and answer Site Manager email. Some of it is passed along to the appropriate admin. Facilitate projects - some of them have an admin volunteer doing most of the work, others not. Deal with member and admin issues. This one really varies. The site can go for months with no issues, then have several at once. Some of them entail lots of discussion, either with other admins, or with involved members, or both. Back up other admins. This is better than it was, as we now have three review admins. If we get another Challenge volunteer, challenge admins should be able to cover each other. Communicate with the membership. We now have a set announcement schedule, with the SM having a dedicated slot the 4th Sunday of the month. At times, the SM may need to announce more frequently. The SM should have a reliable net connection, be able to check mail and the admin list at least once, a day, though twice is better. With two SMs, it could be less. When there are no fires to stomp, I'd estimate about 20 minutes a day, and it could be less. Diplomatic skills are a plus. Lyllyn



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So long as it's not extremely technical, I'd be willing to give it a whirl, helping out Elanor. Probably safer if I volunteer for the summer, and then see how things go once I get back to school in the fall. -Aerlinnel



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It's not a technical position - I'm one of the non-teckies myself. The most technical thing I've done is to insert links in announcements. As for the SM email, most of the questions members ask are answered in the tutorials and faqs. Thanks for volunteering, all members should salute you! Elanor and I can talk to you further by email, and if you prefer, I'm on IM as well. What works best for you? Lyllyn



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Email would probably be the easier way to get all three of us into the conversation. Mine is aerlinnel @ And it's my pleasure to volunteer! -Aerlinnel



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i'd like to volunteer. i'll be a little busy with high school graduation stuff, and other sites i'm a member of, but IF i'm accepted to help, i'll do my best.



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Thanks for volunteering, E-wing! I notice you're a new member, so you might want to volunteer for some of the more straightforward tasks to start with. There are lots of ways to contribute to HASA: in Challenges, in Resources, finding glitches on the site (we need do a thorough review of FAQs and Tutorials and make sure everything is up to date, for instance.) Lyllyn



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