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HASA is a large site, with hundreds of files and thousands of lines of code. Given the development plans, it will only increase in size and complexity. Every week brings more great suggestions and requests. However, it is getting to be too much for me to support myself and have any time left over in my evenings or weekends. I'm looking for ColdFusion coders who are beyond the basics, who have some experience developing applications, and who know how to interact with SQL databases. HASA is set up in a fairly modular manner, influenced by fusebox methodology but not adhering to it. Right now, I'm simply canvassing to see if there are any members who might be interested. There are two projects coming up in the next few months - revising resources and expanding playlists - which would be good introductions to larger coding projects. To work, you'll need to be familiar with CF 5.0 server or higher. The site is currently running on CFMX 6.1, with SQL server 2000. I will have a complete development site and database set up for true "look Ma, no hands" experiments. Email Tech Support if you're interested. Ang



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