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URL Library Admin

A lot of people are not aware of this, but HASA has a pretty cool URL Library.

The trouble is, no one is specifically responsible for it and it languishes, unknown and unloved. Sniff!

Is there anyone (or couple of someones) who would like to adopt the URL Library?

What it takes:

* Must like surfing the Web
* Must like finding cool Web sites
* Willing to post the URLs plus a very short statement (about 250 characters) on what will be found there.
* Willing to keep an eye on the Library and make sure people know it is there, encouraging folks to use it, suggest URLs for it
* Checking the URLs in the library evey month or so to make sure the sites listed are still there.

Take a look - you can see there are a lot of categories, and more can be added. Add a note here if you are intested.




Re: URL Library Admin

This sounds like the sort of thing I might be able to help with (at least after the holiday craziness has ebbed). I've enjoyed the Library, and it would be a pity to see it become neglected.




Re: URL Library Admin


OK, there is no huge hurry for anything to be done before the New Year, so kick back and enjoy the holidays. After that, send me an email and I'll get you set up with Researcher privileges.

Look the section over and give some thought to what else would be cool, interesting, useful, helpful in terms of the library. The goal is to make it the first and best place for HASA Members to find on-line resources outside of this site.

Have a great holiday!




Re: URL Library Admin

Ithilwen - ready to take up URL Library duties?




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