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A Tale within a Tale

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Re: A Tale within a Tale

I have a bit of a problem and wanted to ask if I am doing this right: My story has taken a direction that was not planned, and now I am not sure if I am still following the guidelines.  

My question is: Does it matter how long the 'tale within the tale' is compared to the 'original tale'? Meaning this: Can I use the 'original tale' as a kind 'prologue' with a told story that is, say 3-4 chapters longer and then come back to my original story as an epilogue?




Re: A Tale within a Tale

I guess I'm the one making up the rules for this! Your plan sounds like a perfect example--the only "rule" here is that there are two stories, and that one of them happens inside the other in some way. How long the respective parts are is not important, but someone in the first part must be hearing, or reading, or telling, or remembering, the second part for some reason, and reacting to it.

Hope that helps!




Re: A Tale within a Tale

Well, I have entered The Green Flash, which features Cirdan telling a tale to Sam after Frodo's departure. I have also put a placeholder, in hopes that The Tower Hills will eventually contain ... something. Right now, the idea is an embedded song, though I've toyed with the concept of a fable (a la Aesop) or another fairy tale.



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