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Where the Stars are Strange

Huzzah! My first challenge! Here's the thread to discuss stories linked to the Where the Stars are Strange challenge. Aeneid



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

From the Prospective Challenges thread: I know Elena Tiriel (Barbara) mentioned over in a Resources thread that she has some notes on Easterlings she's gathering together for a bio entry. Sorry it took so long, but the Easterlings entry is finally done. (As is a small one for the Variags of Khand.) - Barbara



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

I have a question about the Challenge. I have a story that features Elrohir and an OFC travelling to the other side of Middle-earth and the eastern sea. There appear people of the Far East, but the POV is that of the OFC and Elrohir, the visitors. But it does show all the landscapes and some of the people. Is the story acceptable for the Challenge? Yours Juno



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

Absolutely! Go ahead and enter it, Juno! Allie



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! "Only a Game" gets to have a new purpose! YAY! Yours Juno



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

Hey, erm, I just entered a challenge fic. Problem: I'm not sure it's appropriate. Look before you leap never looked so wise. It's about an Easterling regretting his people's entrance into the Ring War. Is it appropriate? Namarie! Loremaster



Re: Where the Stars are Strange

I noticed that this Challenge is closing soon and needs just one more entry to go public. As I think stories about the remote corners of Middle-earth, such as the Far East or North of Middle-earth, are vastly underrepresented in fandom, I'd like to ask everyone to have a look at this Challenge!

What, exactly, lies east of Rhûn? Saruman was said to have gone east, waaaay east, but then chose to return. The Blue Wizards went east and never returned. Most of the players in the Ring War went as far as the Sea of Rhûn, but never further. So what lies east of Rhûn?

This doesn't need to be epic. In fact, it might be more exciting to give us just a short vignette - a glimpse into this uncharted territory. Something to tantalize us and make us wonder. (Because, as I've always said, Tolkien's genius lies in hinting at much larger, grander things, at making us wonder about all that is unknown.)

 Doesn't that sound intriguing?

You have still a few days left to allow us a glimpse at Where the Stars are Strange

Think about it!

Juno - who is indeed thinking about writing yet another story about the Far East of Middle-earth  (or the Far North?)




Re: Where the Stars are Strange

I've started a fic for this challenge...wasn't going to post it tho until later, wait till the challenge was an oliphaunt, and the fic was complete, I mean.

Does it matter if the fic is finished or not? If not, I'll enter mine! (But it could be quite a while until it DOES get finished, since I'm also doing Nano& other stuff!)




Re: Where the Stars are Strange

Does it matter if the fic is finished or not? If not, I'll enter mine!

Cosidering how many place holders without even names of stories attched to them I have in challenges, I'd say go for it.

added: Oliphaunts are not connected to the Challenges (do not ask me why, because I have no clue) so if you wait until it is an Oliphaunt to enter it, no one will be able able to see it unless they specifically access the Oliphaunt lists. However, if you make a place holder for it, when you finish the story it becomes part of the Challenge.




Re: Where the Stars are Strange

Thank you!

It will therefore be posted soon under the challenge! (Just as soon as I decide what to call it!)

Thanks again,



Re: Where the Stars are Strange


The prologue of Desert Dreaming is now posted, under this challenge and the 'All OCs All the Time' challenge!  The prologue is very short, but it does get longer, I promise!

Comments and criticisms are loved, and recieved with gratitude! *hint, hint*  I will get it finished, but just not right now - it is NaNo month, after all

Hope y'all enjoy,




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