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Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge

What a day, what a day... Posting two new challenges in one day! Friends, this one comes from the mind of Elvenesse: have Aragorn write some poetry. Always, Allie



Re: Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge

Well, my entry is complete. I'd like to know whether it works or not, as I have never been either 20 or male. Is the though process okay, or should I just get rid of it? Proper entry coming later. Arwen, My Love (opens in new window)



Re: Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge

I think your story is quite funny, especially the end. But I am not sure if a full grown man would write something like that. In my opinion it would suit a 15 year old much better. When I saw the challenge, I remembered something I wrote two years ago and translated it. The result is this: Kingly Poetry Is it realistic for him to write like this? I am neither male nor 90+ years old. *lol* VW



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