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The November Surprise!

New challenge up, folks! Brought to you courtesy of HASA Challenges. Fires, conspiracies, traitors... Read it here: The November Surprise!. Always, Allie



Re: The November Surprise!

Wow. All in one story? That's going to be difficult. But at least you give us some time to ponder it... Yours JunoPondering



Re: The November Surprise!

No, they don't all have to be in one story, but if you manage to weave them all together, you'll prove that it can be done! Always, Allie



Re: The November Surprise!

Hi there, Last year I wrote A Lullaby for the Longest Night A Dunedain winter solstice carol. I've now entered it for the November Surprise as well, as I have written a companion piece. (I think it fits that challenge too). Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit which I think meets the challenge. It's also a mettare story but a fire is central to it. Happy holidays and New Year Alawa



Re: The November Surprise!

Hello all!

Just a reminder that this Challenge closes in two days. It only has three entries. If you have a story that fits this Challenge, don't miss your chance to enter it!




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