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Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

Know some good Orc stories?  Want some good Orc stories?

I am a long-time Orc enthusiast and I have read a lot of fanfic over the years, both here and elsewhere.  In particular, I am aware of a great many stories buried in the morass that is  For those who are interested - in the event that interested parties should stumble upon this dusty forum - I have been compiling a list of bookmarks for Middle-earth fanfiction in which Orcs are central or play an important role.  The list is in Delicious.  Beyond the obligatory middleearthorcfic tag, stories are also tagged by author and rating.  Additional tags for canon- or movie-Orc characters as needed. 

So for example, docmon's story With Hope and Without Hope has the tags

middleearthorcfic   author_docmon   rated_k+   canoncharacter_ugluk   canoncharacter_grishnakh

The stories bookmarked are a mixed bag.  docmon's story happens to be excellent (in fact it received a first place in the MEFA awards) but others are less so, and I have yet to create a badfic tag.  Still, for people who like or are interested in Orcs, I hope this list may prove useful.

Biggest reason for posting this: if you have or know of a story that isn't on the list, I hope that you will mention it!



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

Hi, thelauderdale!

May I point in the general direction of my Fairy Tale series, and particularly at The Troll Bridge, which features an Orc and a Troll? It's quite short, and is no more than PG rated, if that. Let me know what you think!

Thanks, DrummerWench



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

Hi DrummerWench:

Thank you for posting!  I hadn't encountered your Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth before, but "The Troll Bridge" was charming...and definitely counts for my purposes. 

Then I went back to the beginning, reading the Cozy Hobbit prologue and "The Sorceress" and "Spiderwebs."  These stories are gems!  I plan to read them all.



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

I'm glad it works! Also, I'm happy you liked the other stories. Thanks for reading and for commenting.



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

Hi, thelauderdale! Here's a little orc story I think is not in your delicious list:

Pink_Siamese's story "The Crier"

I liked it well; it's rather a different take on Orcs.




Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)


Thanks for the Orc fic recommendation!  It's gone to the list... has Fairy Tales of Middle-earth, by the way.  I finally read the most recent story, A Son of Eärendil.  Garandir irritated me enormously, but I loved Tree and Star, and The Seeing Stones referenced "East of the Sun, West of the Moon," which is a favorite of mine.  This is such  lovely series.



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

thelauderdale, I will keep my eye out for orc fics!
About irritating "heroes", I know I found Odysseus (on whom Garandir is partly based) annoying as all heck, catting about the Med while ol' Penelope is being a good girl at home... and his son. and his hound dog.
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my little tales!



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

Might I suggest some of mine?  "Gentlemen's Agreement", here at HA, has quite a few Orcs. It's about the true fate of Earnur, the Last King of Gondor.

Also, some time ago there was a drabble challenge here for ME superstitions. I contributed "Elven Arrow" to that, which is about an Orcish 'good luck' charm. You may find parts of "The Cursed Queen of Angmar" interesting, too.



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)


Might I suggest some of mine?  "Gentlemen's Agreement", here at HA, has quite a few Orcs. It's about the true fate of Earnur, the Last King of Gondor...

Dunno how I managed to miss this message - or how I forgot to include "Gentlemen's Agreement," especially since I actually reviewed that one.  Well, rectified now, and I also took "Elven Arrows." "Cursed Queen of Angmar" has gone on my reading list...

Thank you for mentioning these!



Re: Middle-earth Orc Fanfiction (middleearthorcfic)

I have an old one that was a complete wreck when I first posted it, but I've gone back, gutted the thing, and given it a shiny remodel. The old story went under the name "Foul Dips Into Fair," but that was back in me olde days, when I tried to insert a tryst in every other fanfiction I wrote.

This newish one is called When Fair Crosses Foul. It's basically the same story but far-improved, thanks to my finally researching the Tolkien legendarium. When I looked back at the old story, I thought: "My heavens, how old was I when I wrote this?"

So now, the elf-warrior is more in-character. The reader receives expanded insight into the mind of my anti-hero. Most of all, my Elvish, though still scant, is markedly improved. Laugh out loud



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