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DrummerGirl => DrummerWench

I have changed my screen name.  It has a certain sort of something, now, no?

DrummerWench (was DrummerGirl)



Re: DrummerGirl => DrummerWench

Hmm, does not seem to have taken.

Logs out, tries again.



Re: DrummerGirl => DrummerWench




Re: DrummerGirl => DrummerWench

Way cool, DW! Hear, hear for the wenches of all time!

Gandalfs apprentice



Re: DrummerGirl => DrummerWench

Thanks, G.A.!

I gotta say, it's much more amusing when I log on.   Am in the process of changing my other DG logons to DW, where I can (not all boards allow it).  It's also less misleading, as girlhood is long gone (thankfully).  I can remain a wench to the end of my days, though!




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