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The Common People

This is something I originally saw in X-Men fanfic and with the recent on-list discussions on expanding the world, I wondered how well it would fit here.

The basic premise is that rather than write about Aragorn, Galadriel, Frodo, or Hama, we write about the ones that weren't featured in the books. How did the Eotheod feel about their new land? What's a day in the life of a Minas Tirith washerwoman? The Dunedain and the Fell Winter? What's life like with a dragon for a neighbour? Is Moria a nice place to live and work? What about farming in Mordor - Yoke of opression or the fair hand of a glorious master? Hobbit servitude?

and so on. I've not developed this much, but are people interested?

The X-TCP archive can be found here



Re: The Common People

Um... isn't there a challenge called, I think, Anything but Ordinary, which is fairly similar?




Re: The Common People

Actually, I suspect this is the basic premise of the Anything But Ordinary, Please Challenge. Hmm... not too sure though. Must wait for confirmation on this one.



Re: The Common People


That'll teach me to read the Challenges properly! It's definately the same nuzgul.



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