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Minority Rulez!

So, there was recently a minority_rules challenge over at LJ that was inspired by the fact that the Democratic nominee in the U.S. presidential election would likely be a woman or an ethnic minority. I missed the sign-up for that challenge, but it got me thinking about the many women and racial minorities who are in places of authority in Middle-earth. There are obvious canonical women rulers like Eowyn and Galadriel, and less obvious ones like Gollum's grandmother who is described as a matriarch.

And then there's possibility for original ones, situations where the younger men would likely be away, for instance at Dunharrow or in the Angle, or after the destruction of Laketown when so many of the men rode north. 

That's not even touching the problems faced by the ethnic "other." A Sindarin Celeborn in Valinor would have likely faced problems, as would Eowyn in Gondor. And let's not even talk about the ways Eol was misunderstood in Gondolin.... I'm sure there are other possibilities, too.

So why don't we have a challenge of our own in honor of the fact that a woman or minority might soon be the U.S. president? Write me a story, poem, drabble, or essay about the challenges a woman or ethnic minority might have faced in Middle-earth? 




Re: Minority Rulez!

Write me a story, poem, drabble, or essay about the challenges a woman or ethnic minority might have faced in Middle-earth? 

Laugh out loud  That's all I write, Marta!

Already complete:

Rock and Hawk

Fair Folk and Foul

Of Like Passion

Still in progress, the Lady Saelon and Master Veylin in Mithlond--

"After Stormy Seas"



Re: Minority Rulez!

My ficlet Inroads might meet the challenge; but this is a fascinating topic, and I'd like to leave a placeholder if it becomes a challenge:





Re: Minority Rulez!

Hi Adaneth,

Hee! I hadn't thought of those stories, but they'd definitely qualify. I hope you'll enter them if the challenge goes forward.




Re: Minority Rulez!

Hi Raksha,

I remember Inroads, it would work well. Though of course I'd like to see your take on a new piece as well. Am I right in thinking you'd like to write another Eowyn piece? Eowyn has the enviable position of being both a woman and (in Gondor) the ethnic minority - I can see a story about her being very interesting for this challenge.




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