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Naked Yule Fic Challenge

My friend Peppy from the MC group is back in the hospital and facing another surgery soon.  She's had a really rough year this year. As you can imagine, she is very down at the moment. To help cheer her up, Fiondil and I have come up with a fun Yule challenge.

- - - - - Naked Yule Fic Challenge - - - - -

Write a Yule story featuring Legolas, Aragorn and Glorfindel. You may include other characters, but those three MUST be included. You MUST include a naked elf, a horse, snow, and someone's confession. You must also incorporate a real world Christmas image that can be adapted into a Middle-earth culture. For example: mistletoe, holly, Star, lighted tree, shepherds, wisemen, mangers, little drummerboys, yule songs, yule logs, angels, etc. The rest is up to you! No slash or smut please.

Deadline is December 15th. All fics can be emailed to me at The fics will be posted at under the challenge Naked Yule. I will need your permission to post the fics to it if you do not have a penname there. (unless you just want it sent to Peppy) All fics will also be compiled and sent to Peppy in time for Christmas.

We are hoping for a lot of participation in this, as it will help Peppy though her trials and tribulations. Thanks!!!




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