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Hide and Seek

Hey guys,

A while ago we had something called the "on-list challenge." Some of you may remember them; basically they are like normal challenges, only they have shorter time limits and are intended to be answerable in a shorter number of words.

So, in that finest tradition of nuzgul-flinging....

Middle-earth is full of stories of capture and escape. Sometimes they are seeking a lost relic or heirloom, or a bit of lore. (The Feanorians' quest for the silmarils, anyone? Or Boromir's search for Rivendell's location?) Other times, the story lies with the people trying to escape capture, or keep some relic safe. Much of Frodo's and Sam's story in The Lord of the Rings is about this type of escape.

Your challenge is to write a story, drabble, or poem, about a character trying to find something or someone (or keep it hidden). The thing in question can be an actual object or person, or it can be a secret that some characters might want to expose. You can write a drabble, poem, or story, up to 1,000 words.

Enter your answers to this challenge in the Hide and Seek challenge, and be sure to post here to let us know to read about it.

Challenge ends: August 6.



Re: Hide and Seek

Oh, oh! You should not have mentioned Boromir, now I have been thoroughly nipped by the sharp pointy teeth of a story idea. Laugh out loud  As a result, I have put in a placeholder -- we'll see if I can come up with something more tangible than an idea in the next week!



Re: Hide and Seek

Do you have any idea how bad the scarring gets when you get bitemarks on bitemarks? ROTFLMAO



Re: Hide and Seek

LOL! Beware my side comments. Those who know me best know they often come wiht razor-sharp fangs.

 But this one's just a baby nuzgulling, and I promise it won't grow into some mean old growed-up nuzgul. *points to post* See the 1,000-word limit? *bats eyes innocently*



Re: Hide and Seek

*glances at own ankles*

 Um, yeah.... actually I do. I'd give you the mithril ankle-guards, but they're about useful as wet paper towels.

I swear, the next skin graft I get to cover up the skarring, I'm asking for mumak-hide.    



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