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Tolerance "Quickie" Challenge

Hey guys,

Over at the Henneth_Annun Yahoo group people have been falling left and right to a one-week challenge that I proposed. And I've never been one to fling a nuzgul only once when I think it might bight a few more times.

So here's the idea: write me a story about tolerance, racism, classism, etc. (or lack thereof) in Middle-earth. Faramir divided men into different classes. The elves certainly had less than accepting feelings of different groups and about certain types of non-Elves. And Shire-hobbits weren't too crazy about the Big People. There are loads of other instances where both individuals and groups are judged not based on actual experiences with that individual/group, but because of first impressions or biases you have before you even meet an actual elf, dwarf, etc.

So make us cringe, make us cry, make us laugh - any race, age, or genre so long as it touches on the topic of equality and acceptance or lack thereof.

These pieces should stay fairly short. Initially I suggested 750 words as an upper limit, but I'm willing to be flexible about that. Drabbles and drabble series are definitely acceptable. But the *real* reason you'll want to keep this short is because you only have a week to right these pieces.

That's right - the Tolerance Challenge has a closing date of next Sunday. You guys get the same week the people over at Henneth_Annun did, and I hope you have as much fun as they all did.

When you're done, add your story to the "Tolerance Challenge" and post a link here so we can all marvel. Best of luck.




Re: Tolerance

I've never written a story to a challenge this fast, but I was definitely inspired! Here is my entry, a version of Faramir and Eomer's first meeting. It's a little longer than 750 words, for which I am very sorry, but dratted Faramir is so long-winded when he's in character. Wink I'll probably edit it a little soon, as I always find something to tweak, but for now, hope you enjoy!

EDIT: I went back and fixed some rough spots, mostly word choice and a different first sentence. Here it is again:

A Matter of Definition




Re: Tolerance

Thanks, Marta!

Here's my entry, slightly tweaked from my posting on HA:
The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship

I still have the feeling there are some rough spots. I have opened a new thread in my forum "Imhiriel's Imaginings" and would welcome impressions or suggestions.




Re: Tolerance

Hi guys!

Thanks for setting up this challenge, Marta... the onlist version has spawned a bunch of great stories!

I've added my drabble trio, Meeting Eorl to the challenge. It's a scene from my perpetually WIP drabble series, Fell and Fair.

I would welcome any comments; you can leave them at my discussion, Elena Tiriel - Star Gazings, or any way that's convenient.


- Barbara



Re: Tolerance

When you're done, add your story to the "Tolerance Challenge" and post a link here so we can all marvel. Best of luck.

 Feelings of Superiority- six drabbles, three for men and three for elves show no one is immune to insularity.





Re: Tolerance

I've added The Odd Couple, drabbles about Legolas and Gimli, to the Tolerance challenge.

Chapter five, "Differences," is a new addition specifically for this challenge.

"Unexpected" and "A Taste of Honey" are slash.

Gandalfs apprentice



Re: Tolerance

I've added my little piece. Agape

Of course, I hate linking - this doesn't look exactly like the rest of yours -

but it is for "He Is Mine!"



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