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Asking for prompts for Quickie Challenge I/2007

Hi everybody -
this quarter's Quickie challenge ends in little more than 14 days with the holiday break to come. Jay of Lasgalen (black squirrels?) and Laureleaf have entered placeholders for the Challenge. I for one am looking forward very much to receive their stories as New Year's mathoms :-). Thanks so much, you two, for taking up the Challenge.

If anyone thinks she or he might have some "quick" creative energy over the holidays, please check out the story prompts of the Quickie Challenge for IV/2006.

Everybody else I am asking for new prompts for the first Quickie Challenge of the coming year.

Challenge Title: 1st Quarter 2007 Quickies

A Quickie is a story
- no shorter than one, no longer than three type-written pages (a "page" equals approx. 1500 characters),
- describing one continuous scene,
- written from one point of view or focusing on one main character.

Quickie Challenges are open to anyone.

Please submit your suggestions for any Age, place or person. Quickies are supposed to be "easy" challenges. The goal is to write a short, to the point vignette, with a single sentence concept.

The next Quickie challenge will be posted beginning of next year, it will run through the end of March 2007.

Thanks so much for your story ideas!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

All the best



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