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Holiday challenge

Ok, so the idea I had was something to the effect of a quarterly holiday challenge.  Thus, since this quarter is Oct. - Dec., Here's my idea:

Each entry is 'tween' safe (seeing as its the holiday season) and could be something like 1) a spooky/suspence story that holds an 'all hollows eve' theme, M-E style, idea for Oct., 2) An Autumn Rememberance (or Thanksgiving) for Nov., or 3) a Yule story for Dec.

We could go a bit further and give specific story lines, or characters to use, or limit the word count - or we could go completely off the wall (How does Sauron celebrate x-mas? I can just see a Santa hat on top of the Great Eye!)

  Just an idea, so let me know what you think.



Re: Holiday challenge

A very good idea, but I am against a specific story-line. We want as many as possible to contribute, so it would be better if a writer has more space when choosing the topic.

We all want many holiday stories, do we not?




Re: Holiday challenge

I think a holiday challenge is a great idea. The broader the challenge the more possibilities that someone is inspired. Perhaps a holiday theme instead of specific ideas for each month. Fall holidays, winter holidays, spring holidays, summer holidays.

The three fall ideas could be used for the entire season.




Re: Holiday challenge

Aye, holidays all year 'round. There is always something to celebrate. This sounds like a lot of fun. If I only were not so busy...

We should use a forum where each member can post her (or his) ideas.




Re: Holiday challenge

This could get interesting - I set up a forum 'Monthly Holiday Challenges' in the challanges forums area, but I haven't figured out how to link there yet. 

I think you guys are right, though, in that we could get more of a response by giving a general theme, but what if we get some prompt ideas,at least a month ahead, from the forum to help people out with story ideas?  They wouldn't be required to use them, and this way we could also learn something of other cultures holidays.



Re: Holiday challenge

Ok, so this works, but how do I get it to show the forum name, instead of the code?  Can you tell I'm still new at this? Rolling my eyes




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