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Let meee entertain you

I have been at a huge renaissance faire some weeks ago and watched many performing groups there. This made me come up wih this:

People come together to have fun and there are people who have made it their profession - the travelling folk. Showmen with plays, music and dances, artistes, acrobats, whole circuses... Would there be such people in Middle-earth as well?

Maybe Haradrim coming north after the Ring war to show off their exotic animals? Rohirric minstrels plaing their lays in Gondor? Dúnedain playing with fire? And we know that Dol Amroth was famous for its harpers.

How does that sound?




Re: Let meee entertain you

This sounds like a great idea to me. I would love to read stories about the reaction in Gondor to Haradrim circus performers. Or the reaction in Harad to their first look at Gondorian sports. I might even like to write one.



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