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The Mouth of Sauron

Just who is he? What does he act like, look like? How does the Ring War affect him? Over at her Live Journal Adraefan suggested the fascinating idea that it was Earnur, captured by Sauron and kept undead somehow. But that's not the only possibility. He could be Haradri, one of the men from Nurn, anything.

Is there a spark of goodness in him? Does he then feel guilty about what he tried to do with his ruse with Frodo's mithril shirt? (Or any other foul deed he did for Sauron, for that matter.) Or is he evil beyond redemption and enjoys being that way? Assuming he survives, how does that fit into the Fourth Age?

Obviously there are more questions than answers. Give me any piece of any type or length exploring this fascinating character and I'll be happy.

Give me five, and we'll call it a challenge.




Re: The Mouth of Sauron

Hi all.

I already have two stories about MoS, so I'll bite.

Count me in. Perhaps that will awake the Muse.




Re: The Mouth of Sauron

Aaahh. This is only the most totally tempting nuzgul ever. Never mind that RL no longer allows me the luxury of fanfic epics, THIS MUST BE WRITTEN. I'm thinking John Gardner's Grendel, as applied to Middle-earth - ye olde King Earnur, twisted away into the crazy philosopher that is the Mouth of Sauron. Ooh, like a survivor!imprisoned!Macbeth! The bullying, beefy king who gets in over his head after chasing Angmar into Mordor! You could talk about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and moral ambiguity, and all that!

Aaaaah! Someone must write this! I may write a mere snippet, so count me in.




Re: The Mouth of Sauron

*sigh* How do I get myself into this? I tell Aeneid I am not to be tempted, that I have BIg and Interesting fics in the *other* Minas city that want to be written - and yet I find myself tempted. Surely a little drabble series, maybe on the seven deadly sins, wouldn't be too much trouble?

Famous last words, I know.

So despite saying I'm not bitten, I am feeling the beginning twinges of it. I think you can probably count me in as well. Which makes three.




Re: The Mouth of Sauron

Would love to write about this. Had a rather twisted AU idea about the Mouth of the Sauron, and am delighted to see it as a prospective challenge. Never thought about the idea of Earnur though... Wonder if Aragorn would have done the chopping in the film if he knew...

Sign me up.



Re: The Mouth of Sauron

So that makes four. Now all this prospective challenge needs is one more victim taker.  Anyone?




Re: The Mouth of Sauron


I've been away from HASA for months, and start to read forums for the first time today, and you throw a nuzgûl about just exactly the kind of Dark person/creature that I have had an affinity for in the past.....

Unfair! That's a low blow! You are evil, EVIL I say!

Well, if you give me at least nine months, I'm sure I can come up with something..... most likely a heroic, epic..... drabble.


- Barbara, kicking and screaming....



It's a go!!!

I count five: Werecat, Aeneid, Marta, Ancalime and Elena Tiriel.

Please set a closing date so the challenge can be posted.



Re: It's a go!!!

It's up, everyone! With a nine month deadline to give you time to ponder...

Challenge and Discussion.

Knock yourselves out.




Re: The Mouth of Sauron

Here are a few Resource Library entries to whet your muse's appetite:

Mouth of Sauron,
Black Númenóreans, and
Gandalf parleys with the Mouth of Sauron at the Morannon.

Enjoy! If that's the correct term.... after all, we are talking about the Mouth of Sauron here....

- Barbara, aka Victim #5



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