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Bilbo never found the Ring

I would like to loose a what-if challenge, suggested by my roommate and far beyond my ability to tackle by myself. What if Bilbo had never gone on his adventure, and thus had never found the Ring? Who would have found it, and what would have happened next? Would there still have been a fellowship formed in Rivendell, or would the Ring have been destroyed in some other way, or, worse, might it have come to Saruman or even Sauron? This is huge in scope, I know, so I don't know if it's appropriate, but I'm throwing it out here anyway so she'll stop trying to convince me to write it.



Re: Bilbo never found the Ring

This would be a monster challenge, but it'd be an interesting one. The material in UT, "The Quest for Erebor," might be a good jumping off point. Always nice to have the evaluation of Gandalf, eh?

One thing that might happen is that the hobbits would never be a part of this. It'd be more or less a contest between various Men, Saruman, Gandalf, and Saruman. This is not to say that we might not see some of this from the PoV of the Shire, but I'm not sure much of the story would take place there. You'd certainly see the "island" effect--there'd be no reason for an explicit alliance among the various realms until (possibly) much later.

I'll be closing "Make 'Em Laugh" in two days, so when that happens, I'll do a little promotion on this one. In the mean time, heh heh, feel free to bend the ears of others, or twist arms, or whatever you need to do. Pat the roommate on the back--this could be a lot of fun.



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