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How 'bout a "Tal-Elmar" challenge?

Part of fanfiction is gap-filling. Now, though, there are much bigger gaps-- the stories that Tolkien never finished. One in particular intrigues me: the story of Tal-Elmar. Tal-Elmar is the last child of Hazad, one of the Wild Men, whose father, Buldar, took to wife Elmar, seemingly a woman of the Atani who was captured in a raid. Tal-Elmar is Hazad's youngest son, and takes after his father's mother. Hazad himself is distinguished by his having seventeen sons and a beard five feet long. The story, so far as it goes, concerns the arrival of ships off the nearby sea-coast, and Tal-Elmar's reception by the disembarked Númenóreans, who think Tal-Elmar is one of their own. What happened to him? Did he go with them to Númenor? Did he play a part in the critical events there? Imagination runs wild here.



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