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Hobbit Filk Songs

As some of you might recall, last March was International Legolas Month and the filk songs flowed. Well, after reading Oroduin by Samwise Buffett, I decided we need a new song challenge. Since March holds the birthday of Elanor the Fair in 1421 in the Shire Reckoning, let's celebrate hobbits. Pick your favorite song and change it to honor the Halfings. Perhaps the brave Ringbearer or his faithful companion, Biblo's 111th birthday, the birth of Elanor the Fair, a Shire party or whatever strikes your fancy. The deadline is March 31st so let the music flow. Submiited by RiverOtter Challenge Manager



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Count me in on this one - I have one already written, and a thought for another one. Marta



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Hey! Would Orodruin count in this challenge? Because then I'm in... -Arandil



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Hi Arandil, RiverOtter will be away from her computer this weekend, and she asked me to keep an eye on this forum for her. Since she mentioned your song in her original post, I don't think there will be a problem with your entering it. That means there are two takers - as soon as three more step forward I'll set up the challenge (or RiverOtter will, if it doesn't happen until next week). Marta



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Oooooh!!! raises hand eagerly Count me in! I have one done (another Buffett tune none the less) and another milling around in the fertile filk reaches of my brain!! Cheers, Vistula



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Excellent, Vistula. That's three and four... Marta



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

Alright, alright...there's a very fuzzy Nuzgul sucking on my big toe! Pesistant little bugger isn't it...and what lovely long fur! Sign me up and I'll give it a shot. Now I just have to find a song...--- Love -- Molly



Re: Hobbit Filk Songs

And it's up! Go forth and filk... Marta



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