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Dwarf wives

I am not sure if this had been a topic before my time here, though I have researched a bit, I couldn't find anything. We all know so little about female Dwarves, except that they look a lot like male Dwarves. I want you to write me a story involving female Dwarves. This can be a general history of this ominous "race" which we never see or it can be the adventures of one Dwarf lady or you can rewrite a Tolkien story adding a female Dwarf to it.



Re: Dwarf wives

Hmm... Should it be a female Dwarf connected with a Canon Character (like, say, Gimli's mother)? Just curious...



Re: Dwarf wives

Well, I would not make that a general condition, but the female dwarf can of course have a connection to a canon male dwarf, be mother or sister or lover Be creative!



Re: Dwarf wives

Go Minuial! *much applause* How would female dwarves fit into dwarven society? Gimli (or is it Gloin?) says in LOTR that they are scarce among their people. Would they take on the same roles as male dwarves because of their scarcity? Allie PS- If you want a good look at a female dwarf, check out Thevina Finduilas's Speak, Friend, and Enter.



Re: Dwarf wives

Great! It will be a good challenge, considering we can only guess at most things about Dwarves in general, let alone Dwarven wives... (And, if anything, writing about bearded ladies can prove quite the experience! ) Cheers!



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