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How about a "Word-of-the-Day"-Challenge? Here you can find a word of the day with an explanation of its meaning and some examples and discussion to go with it. How about writing a piece of Tolkien-fanfiction that involves the "word of the day"? Just give the "word of the day" in the title and write - prose or poetry, elves, dwarves or hobbits, drabbles or longer pieces... Anyone interested? Yours Juno




Would it need to be written and posted that day, or would we just put the day and the associated word in a note? Karri




This kind of sounds like an exercise we used to do in a creative writing class I took in high school. Question: Would the piece be about the word or could it simply be inspired by the word?? Would the word have to be included in the piece?? I think I'll go ahead and say I'm in on this one...I've had enough practice at any rate! -Tárion



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Shame on me for not putting this on my e-mail alerts! Shame, shame, shame! OK: Here's back at "Word of the Day"-Challenge. I thought that the piece could be inspired by the word, but it could also simply contain the word... If it was only inspired by the word, maybe the title should have the word? And I think the story should be started at least on the day it was inspired by the relevant word of the day. But I am open to suggestions, evil Insta Drabbler that I am. And yes, shame on me, shame on me. So, anyone else interested in a "Word of the Day"-Challenge? *stares hard at members of Instant Drabbling Workshop and LJ Community* Yours JunoMagic



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Shameless creature! Yes, I'll do this. One word will be a breeze. Allie



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I will do it! Sounds really interesting. - Narwen



Re: "Word of the Day"-Challenge

Did I count correctly and that makes 5 takers, equalling 1 Challenge? Most evilly yours, JunoMagic




Hi Juno! Count me in! What do you want the closing date to be? ~Nienna



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Done! The challenge and discussion are both up and running. - Kriti



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