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Husband & Wife Fall into Middle-earth

This is a very aggressive nuzgûl that attacked me during an innocent discussion at HA. It is so aggressive that it attacked poor Arandil from what I thought was a completely harmless addition to my penname: Juno-Who-Is-Contemplating-A-Story-Selfinserting-Her-Husband-And-Herself-Into-ME As the nuzgûl has chewed its way almost through my ankle and Arandil's take on this idea is really wonderful, I thought we could expand this idea into a challenge: Husband & Wife Fall into Middle-earth! - may be Mary Sue and Marty Stue - but does not have to be - may be humour - but does not have to be - any length Any takers? (Innocent bystanders, take cover!) Yours JunoMagic



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