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Glorfindel's Fate

This is a simple one. What happened to Glorfindel after the War of the Ring? You choose. Did he leave with Elrond? Did he choose to stay around with Elrond's sons? (I personally support the latter theory, but that's just me.) Perhaps Glorfindel was rather fond of Arda, and didn't want to leave? He could even have stayed on with Celeborn. Whatever your spin on this, there's ideas a-plenty and much material to play with. Anyone except me interested?



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

Hm, this is an interesting one. I'll play.



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

*watches sadly as challenge does a Numenor -i.e. it sinks.* Apparently, no-one likes Glorfindel, or they just aren't interested in this.



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

Hmm - I might bite. I've an idea in mind about the twins' fate, and could link it to that story. OK. Jay



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

I'm interested - anything with Elves is always good!



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

Just one more and you have a challenge. So promote on HA and see what happens. RiverOtter



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

Okay, I can't help it. I'm hooked. I have an ides for this one that's been beating me over the head for a while now, and I suppose that this is my excuse to write it. Count me in, then! -Ithiliel



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

Ah HA! Counting: Noldo, Karri, Jay, Elcalion, and Ithiliel! We have five! Congrats on spawning a challenge, Noldo! If you all would give me some idea for a close date, I will go and set this up as a challenge ASAP. Allie



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

The challenge has been posted. The corresponding discussion is here. I gave it a close date of six months (that's in July), but that can be changed if there are any objections. Have fun! Allie



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