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OK... this one has probably been done a million times and if it has, I'll delete it - but I always wondered what happened to the Entwives? So much of middle earth is lacking in good female energy by the WOR, I have often wondered if perhaps the places that still have good tilled earth and fruitful people were the places where the Entwives settled years before? Perhaps you could come up with a story of Entwives settling in the Shire before the hobbits came there? Or Ithilien and their views on what Sauron's influence has done to their lands?


P.S. - How does one delete a Nazgul from the hutch?



Re: Entwives

Actually, I don't recall much on the Entwives. I know Ang has an implied theory of what happened to them in "Legacy."

I'd say keep it in the hutch. Or suggest it as an addition to Ang's Quickies 2003 series, if you can formulate this in a way that would be writeable in 2-3 pages.

Ooh! Ooh! What about that mentioned scene FOTR where one of Sam's relatives sees an Elm tree walking?! Write that encounter! What do you say? Sound like a Quickie Challenge? There could be two versions: one from the Entwife's POV, one from Hal's POV (btw, I can't remember if it is "Hal" but that's the name that leapt to my mind).

What do you think?



Re: Entwives

It's Hal.

Entwives, hmm, yes, yes, this is good. It would work well as a Quickie, I think.




Re: Entwives

I've had an entwive's story breeding in my mind for a while, as part of
'Glorfindel's Quest', (working title) which is going to be something very long and a bit alternate universe.

In it, entwives are indeed found north to Shire.

The chapter/quickie that I could write would be named Elma, after the elm-tree woman.



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