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I have set up a workshop where I will be doing beta reading and editing of HotK prior to releasing new chapters in the public story. How I work now - I write a new alpha chapter every 2-3 weeks and post it on my own site, Romenna. When I do that, I'll post the chapter in stages as I write it, a few hundred words each night. There is a backlog of twenty chapters in beta on Romenna. I rework & rewrite each chapter for about a year before releasing it for more general reading. Until HotK was accepted for the public archive, I posted the revised chapters for members on HASA and for the public on Romenna. How I think I'm going to work - I will post a chunk of my backlog to an Off-list version of the story in the Workshop, Those will get kicked around and knocked into shape with the assistance of critical beta readers. I would like to follow the pattern of posting a revised chapter to the public (HASA & Romenna) only after I've finished a new alpha chapter - that ensures I keep making forward progress. What will happen is eventually the backlog of beta chapters will move here, and I will begin to do my *alpha* posting in the workshop as well. Ch. 25, Plans, is posted in the Workshop, soon to be joined by Ch. 26, Kinship. What I would like are a few people who would enjoy reading over the rough versions and submitting corrections, questions, and generally being critical of the writing. I don't want general readers at this point, just editors. If you'd like to be a part of this, send me an email. Who I pick will be based on the *writing* support I've seen in the past. Never fear, all chapters will eventually appear in the public version. Ang



Re: HotK Workshop

Sadly, I'm no use as a critical beta reader, but I'm certain you'll find people who're willing AND able to help!



Re: HotK Workshop

You probably don't need anyone else, but I could prove to be slightly useful, I suppose! I was asked to help with an English class at my University-- due largely in part to the previous semester, when I ended up helping the entire class with their essays. This was funny, because they were all 19+ and I was 15! My grammar could be better, it’s true. I could be of help with the structure of sentences and wording, though. I promise that my advice would be more than, "Dear author lady, I suggest more suggestive themes and adult situations involving Thorongil. That is all." LOL *nudge* Err, I mean-- I have proved useful in the past and I'm not a nymphomaniac. That's what I meant to type.



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