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March 2009 Birthday Cards

The third month of the year. Spring slowly approaches - and perhaps the creative juices are stirring along with those of trees and flowers? If so, look here to see if you can harness them to give a little gift to a fellow HASA member...

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in March and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread.

Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the March Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the Birthday Cards Workshop the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

Please speak up here in the forum if you have problems or questions; or e-mail me privately - I'll do my best to help you.


6th - Agape4Gondor: A thought has been running around in my mind for a week now - I'd love to see something about Gimli being persuaded to return to Moria (after the Ring War) and perhaps helping to forge a new community there in the ruins of Dwarrowdelf.

14th - Elena Tiriel: I'd like something about your favorite part of Tolkien's natural world, or your favorite race or character interacting with nature, whether appreciative or not.... If this prompt tickles your muse, great! If it doesn't, well, I love whatever idea you find.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Hello Wave

You all know my 'fondness' for Boromir - but this birthday, I'd like to ask for something different.

A thought has been running around in my mind for a week now - I'd love to see something about Gimli being persuaded to return to Moria (after the Ring War) and perhaps helping to forge a new community there in the ruins of Dwarrowdelf.





Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Hi, Agape -

When in March is your birthday?  A little plot bunny wants to know ...




Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Hoy, Jay!

It was March 6th - but since I'm well over 29 Smile you've got lots of days before I stop celebrating!!!




Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Hi everyone,

Thank you for considering my request....

I'm currently in the process of writing a scene about a couple of twin Peredhel admiring the heavens on a moonless night, which gave me the idea for this birthday request:

My birthday is March 14th, and I'd like something about your favorite part of Tolkien's natural world, or your favorite race or character interacting with nature, whether appreciative or not....

If this prompt tickles your muse, great! If it doesn't, well, I love whatever idea you find inspiring.... Wave

- Barbara



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Happy belated birthday, Agape! (Hope it was really fun :-) )

Seeing Possibilities

"Surely your father would give you leave, for such an endeavor as this—may even send Elves along to help." And, in a murmur easily discernible by Legolas, "It galls, but your people do have some skills."

"It would seem the perfect scheme. So much has been lost from the world that I would see life there again, if I could. Alas, Balin may have thought the same!"

Gimli allowed himself the briefest moment to grieve. "I would see my kinsmen's dream realized and Dwarrowdelf back to its glory. Besides, what is it that humans say… 'third time's the charm'"?



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Elena Tiriel! :-)

Cross-cultural exchange

Uncertain how to express his real opinion properly—he was a guest in her house—Eomer settled for, "There are many ornamental plants."

"You mean 'too many'?" Her laughter was beginning to feel warm to him, and that galled!

"I suppose you are right, but wasn't life also meant to be enjoyed? Wouldn't you call it a lovely garden, regardless?"

"Living under the shadow for so long makes it hard to see past my practicality."

"You will be happier," she said with a smile, "when you start trying."

That she was learning to see past his snappishness vexed him greatly.


He heard his wife working outside, and had to stop to look


Two months and, for all the word still sounded strange in his mouth, it already carried extremely pleasant associations.

"Garden looks good, Lothiriel," he called, hoping she would say something flirty and come inside.

"Orchard, m'lord! I thought," she said (just that hint of playfulness that drove him mad), "we agreed ordinary flowers were inadequate for a practical garden."

"You said I should try and appreciate beauty; can't blame me for taking your counsel to heart."

Why her laughter should make his day, he could not tell.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

This was delightful, Starlight! Thank you so much.....

I love the easily discernible line - poor Gimli - it is sometimes difficult to accept certain Elvish qualities.....

As for the ending - that was just perfect.

Again deepest thanks!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Oh, Starlight, what a treat!

I just love how Lothíriel gets under Éomer's skin, and how he is soooo annoyed!

But then, I guess he got used to it.... ROTFLMAO

Thank you so much for such a lovely birthday gift!

- Barbara



For Elena Tiriel

I'm currently in the process of writing a scene about a couple of twin Peredhel admiring the heavens on a moonless night, which gave me the idea for this birthday request:

My birthday is March 14th, and I'd like something about your favorite part of Tolkien's natural world, or your favorite race or character interacting with nature, whether appreciative or not....

Oft Hope Is Born, When All Is Forlorn

March 14th, 3019

Elladan stood motionless at the bow of the ship. Sullen clouds lit by an angry red glow loomed overhead, obliterating moon and stars; but he knew that somewhere high above Eärendil still sailed the heavens. An ominous silence hung all around them, broken only by the splash of oars and the groans of men as they laboured to row against the river's current.

He looked up at the invisible stars. "Grandfather, if you have any influence with the Valar, beg them to send us a wind! We have need of it," he murmured, then turned his head with a smile as Elrohir joined him at the rail.

"Talking to yourself, brother? Come, it is time for us to take a turn at the oars."

As they turned towards the deck a breath of air stirred the still night, and brought a murmur from the men. "A change is coming - a wind from the sea!" one called.

A freshening breeze shook the rigging as willing hands hauled at the ropes. The black sails unfurled, billowing in the steady wind. Above, the dark clouds fled and the stars once again shone down - and low in the east, Eärendil shone brightest of all.


As dawn broke the ships were speeding upriver, slicing through the water. Waves crested and foamed white about the prow in the early light. Sunlight glinted off the river and overhead white gulls wheeled and soared, calling in high, inhuman voices.

Elladan watched a shoal of tiny fish flicker through the crystal water, then raised his face to the sun, unseen since they had taken the Paths of the Dead. The gulls followed the ships, diving down to take fish caught up in their wake and then rising on currents of air. One swooped down to land on the rail beside him. It cocked its head to one side, regarding him through intelligent black eyes, and he smiled. "If you see Elwing, will you pass on my thanks?"

The bird dipped its head, then gave a shrill cry and lifted into the air as Elrohir approached. "Talking to seabirds now, brother? I worry about you at times."

Elladan smiled. "No doubt." His eyes followed the gull as it soared high into the sky, sunlight turning it a dazzling white. It circled the ship once, then flew away on powerful wings, growing smaller and smaller until it faded into the west.

(Author's Notes: With thanks to Fimbrethiel and Dapperscavenger for help with the difference between bow/prow!)



Re: For Elena Tiriel

Oft Hope Is Born, When All Is Forlorn

Oh, Jay, these are just...........  just............  just............  exquisite!

My pc is slow... just took me almost two hours to wrestle today's Featured Tale of Years Events onto the HASA home page (and tomorow there are even more! *wails*)... but when I went to check the result and saw these at the bottom of the front page, I was thrilled! I want to say more, but need to leave for dinner. 

For now, I'll just say I love these! THANK YOU!

- Barbara



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

And it would be interesting to see if indeed this third time might prove the charm!  Nicely done!



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Ah, very nice to see this growing banter between these two.  And I like it that Lothiriel works her own garden--or orchard!  Heh!

And as he lets her past his guard and into his heart he comes to truly appreciate her personality.



Re: For Elena Tiriel

I find this story to be wonderful, with the invocation of both grandfather and grandmother here, with the prayer for help and the offering of thanks for the blessing of the wind!  And it's nice to think that star and gull did do as he asked!

Lovely reminders of the family's history!



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

My birthday is March 14th, and I'd like something about your favorite part of Tolkien's natural world, or your favorite race or character interacting with nature, whether appreciative or not....




Aegnor was successfully lowering himself to the ground with the properly graceful bend of leg and sweep of cloak when he sat on the sharp rock. His hop landed him on a muddy patch with his foot in a mole hole. Galadriel smiled at him with that sweetness sisters show their brothers only when they know they have won this round in the sibling rivalry. She said, "I told you that you did not have to sit on the ground."

"I am not going to tower over you and shout. I will look at you when we talk." He managed to wiggle himself into a vaguely comfortable position and whispered: "How can you live so … like this?"

Galadriel raised her hands from her lap, in the proper modest poise for a maiden, and gestured to the grass of the meadow where they sat. "Little brother, do you not see how beautiful this field is and how refreshing it is to be in it? Are not the flowers sweet smelling, soothing? Surely there is nothing wrong with it."

He hated it when she reminded him she was taller. He automatically reminded her he was older: "Little sister, look at yourself. One of us should not be so woodsy." He twisted around in the proper uncomfortable poise for an indoors technocrat. "Look at your dress, your habits, your new name! We sit on the grass instead of the folding stools. Artanis he is turning you into a Sindar! It. Is. Unnatural. That is what I am her to talk to you about."

Galadriel flashed on the memory of a growling, hot, sooty Celeborn beating a shapeless mass of metal into submission in his first real attempt at working a forge.

"Yes let us talk, little brother, I have something to tell you."



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Agape4Gondor: A thought has been running around in my mind for a week now - I'd love to see something about Gimli being persuaded to return to Moria (after the Ring War) and perhaps helping to forge a new community there in the ruins of Dwarrowdelf.

I'm sorry this is late, but as I don't *have* a Gimli muse, it took me a while to find one!  This features Gimli and an OC of my own.

Time To Go Back 

Gimli eyed the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain as his speech wound towards its rousing conclusion.  "The shadow has gone.  The Balrog has gone. The orcs have gone - but the splendour remains.  The Dwarrowdelf was once a great and glorious realm of the dwarves - and it will be again!  Who will follow, if I lead?"

A dwarf maiden was the first to step forward.  "I will go!"  she announced.  "I too once journeyed through Khazad-Dûm, and I wish to see it again."

"Good, Bilbur!" Gimli encouraged her.  His fierce, challenging gaze swept the rest of the dwarves.  "Now, who else?"



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards


Oh, Ranger1, this is absolutely delightful!

I love all the small but rich details, so important to the Noldor, like with the properly graceful bend of leg and sweep of cloak, and the proper modest poise for a maiden... and how Aegnor's grace is defeated when he sits on a rock... that was so well-deserved, it made me laugh! ROTFLMAO

"How can you live so … like this?" His disdain is so overwhelming, he cannot even name what he objects to!

And the sibling rivalry is precious:  He hated it when she reminded him she was taller. Pardon me, Aegnor, but your masculine/Noldorin arrogance is showing! Laugh out loud

I love the image of a growling, hot, sooty Celeborn Heart working at a forge, sweat pouring down his lean, muscular, naked chest... oh, wait, that was from my own imagination. Pimp Could he be making a set of betrothal rings, by any chance?

Thank you so much for this lovely gift, Ranger1... Have been somewhat under the weather, and it really cheered me up!

Would you mind adding it to my birthday story? ET's 2009 Birthday Gifts!

- Barbara



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of writing a scene about a couple of twin Peredhel admiring the heavens on a moonless night....

I've never done this before, but I would like to post a birthday mathom... my gift to everyone here on the occasion of my birthday. I hope you will forgive me for missing it by a few days!

I have also posted this chapter in my drabble series, Fell and Fair.

The scene occurs a few months after Celebrían sailed. Her sons have returned to Rivendell from the Grey Havens, then escorted their sister and grandparents to Lórien... this is the first opportunity they've had to just relax and think about their mother.

Cerin Amroth
Night of 7-8 April 2510


At ease within the vigilant borders of Lórien, I recline on Amroth's talan, gazing skywards... seeking solace in the glory of a moonless night.

In Imladris, mountains hem the heavens, but here, their lofty span stretches without bounds.

Elbereth's gems spill in careless profusion over the sooty velvet dome. Here glitters a figure from legend, there a smudge glows... while across the expanse sweeps an adamantine pathway, sprinkled with sapphire, ruby, and citrine, leading past the horizon to ends beyond our ken.

Whither my own path? I could not yet bear to follow Mother's sundering road, but will I someday?

Elrohir, arriving

"May I join you, brother?"

"Your company would be welcome, brother."

The night-breeze whispers among many leaves, caressing me as I climb the long ladder. At the top, I spread my bedroll on the open platform, beside Elladan.

As children, we often sought this talan for its commanding view, but tonight, we seek seclusion — respite from compassionate but intrusive eyes.

"Arwen?" he inquires.

"Speaking with Grandmother."

"Good. She has been too quiet since...." He trails off, reluctant to reveal his troubled thoughts yet.

"Unable to sleep?"

He grunts. I need not ask why; nightmares of noisome Orc-dens plague us both.


Finally, Elladan asks, "Do you regret not sailing with Mother?"

"I worry she will be lonely. But when I offered to accompany her, she became distraught...."

He sighs. "She told me that foremost we must be not sons, but warriors, opposed to the gathering Darkness."

A wood owl glides by an arm-span above, her silhouette a dusky contrast to the brilliant stars. Neither call nor wingflap mars the deadly silence of her pursuit.

"For now, brother, we become hunters, no less than that owl. If her prey cease to be abundant, she will seek territory elsewhere... and so shall we."

Elladan, on stargazing

"Remember when Grandfather first brought us here to sleep under the stars?"

"Aye!" Elrohir smiles. "We were thrilled to show off what Father had been teaching us! We tried to outdo each other: identifying constellations, reciting their legends, chattering on about telling time and seasons and the winding trails of the Wanderers.... And Grandfather listened so patiently!"

"Indeed! But then he spun fascinating tales of his own life under starlight in Doriath, before the onset of Ithil's glow and Anor's heat.

"By the end of that night, we revered the undivided heavens, even as the Elves who awakened at Cuiviénen."

Elrohir, on sunbathing

"I might have been content to live forever under starglow," Elladan murmurs.

"Not I! Much as I cherish the night, I could never forgo the blaze of day....

"After an icy bathe in a mountain brook, what could bring more bliss than Arien's languid heat kissing my bare skin from head to toe, loosening my limbs and quickening my heart?"

He glances sideways, eyebrow quirking. "Have you declared your romantic inclinations to the maiden in question?"

"Nay, brother! I am far too wise to provoke flaming Maiar, be they Balrog or no."

In truth, Elladan's chuckle also warms my heart.

Elladan, on falling stars

"Remember when Mother took us to the upper meadow to see stars pouring from the Silver Goblet? Flaming arrows streaked across the sky... some rivalling Eärendil's ship...."

"Yes! The brightest cast shadows that weaved about us, like crebain drunk on fermented holly berries in Eregion."

"When Father joined us, he started lecturing about seasonal star cascades...."

"And Mother hushed him, so we could sing under the stars together. Then she related the Silvan tradition that children begotten under Elbereth's starfalls are blessed by the Lady."

"Before leading him away...."

Elrohir grins. "Does our sister know she has the Star-queen's favour?"

Elrohir, on family

"Stars remind me of Grandmother's tale of jewels strewn along the strand at Alqualondë...."

"Will Mother meet her Telerin kin there, I wonder?"

"Eventually, if... when she recovers. Grandmother wrote Finarfin and Eärwen a letter, entrusting Mother to her grandparents' healing care.

"I hope she will feel at ease... family or not, they are strangers."

"Their only grandchild, with all their children gone? They will welcome her warmly, brother!

"Perhaps even now she watches the stars, thinking of us...."

Honouring her parting wish, we sing paeans to the Lady Star-kindler... till the foredawn glow steals the splendour of her gifts.

Celeborn, in Caras Galadhon

Intent on returning to my lady, I mount the stairs, surrounded by sad but sweet Elven song.

"They are on Cerin Amroth, praising Elbereth."

Relieved by the tidings, Arwen bids us good evening.

Galadriel smiles. "You delighted in teaching them the star-songs of our people when they were small."

"Yes! They were so eager to learn... I scolded Elrond for neglecting their education about the Sindar and Silvan."

We leave unsaid that such familiar teasing now seems a thing of the past: when we took leave from Imladris, Elrond's eyes were shadowed... as if they would never again know joy.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Alas, Aegnor has much to learn, both about the natural world and his sister's capabilities.  I think she's having great fun twitting him some.  Nicely done, Ranger1.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

I love this, and that a female Dwarf was willing to be the first to pledge herself to the new quest.

Excellent, Jay.

My offering will be posted as soon as I get it back from RiverOtter.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Thank you for the mathom of these marvelous drabbles.  I love the memories evoked, the pain and grief giving over as it does to laughter, the delight in the stars uniting them all this night as they deal with their shared pain, and how the activities of the twins is reflected in the rest of the family as well.

Such a wonderful series, and so beautifully wrought.

My gift to you is with RiverOtter right now, but should be posted soon enough.

Thanks again for sharing your birthday with us in such a manner.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

For you, Elena Tiriel.  I hope you don't mind it's a few days late....


From the Ashes...            

The King rode alongside his friend and Steward down the great Road, and had to smile as he saw the verdant forest give way to yet another village's farmlands.  He saw fields of grain, a rich vineyard on a south-facing slope where already great bunches of grapes fattened on the vines, and an orchard of peach trees.


            At a nod between the two Men they pulled to a halt and alit from their mounts, and approached the orchard together.


            The orchardist who came to greet them had a face marred with a great scar from where he'd been caught by an orc's scimitar in the battle fought before the Black Gate.  Once he'd been a Ranger of Ithilien; now he cared for its land in another way.  His expression brightened as he recognized his former captain and his King.  "My lords!  It is an honor!  Welcome to the restored village of Dûnsmir!  Oh, but my wife will rejoice to offer you some of the fruits we preserved from last year!"


            Aragorn was pleased to accept slices of thick bread spread with sweet peach preserves, and ate them as he wandered through the grove of trees with his fellow former Rangers, pleased to hear talk of how the trees and their fruit were protected from the predations of deer and rabbits and the danger of late frosts.  He could almost be walking through similar orchards far to the north, near the villages he and his own Rangers had protected for so long, only there the trees would have produced apples and cherries.


             He paused, smelling the rich scent of ripening fruit and contented trees, hearing in the distance the singing of one working amongst the vines.  He saw, lying between the nearby eaves of the orchard and the slopes of the vineyard, the ruins of an ancient granary.  Not far from it the new winepress had been erected.


            As was true in Arnor as well, from the land long scarred by the Enemy's assaults new settlements were rising.  And the King rejoiced that the former Ranger so engaged in earnest discourse with the Prince of Ithilien had found it worthwhile to trade his sword and bow for pruning hooks and bushel baskets.


            Men and land might be scarred, but it did not stay them from being fruitful once more, he thought as he watched the man's children come forth to delight in the company at their father's side. 



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

And for you, Agape!

A Proposal of Renewal

Gimli considered the younger Dwarf's proposal for a long moment. Was I truly that young once? he asked himself "You would indeed seek to return to Khazad-dûm, knowing what was awakened there?" he asked aloud.

Ori's grandson faced the Lord of Aglarond squarely. "Balin sought to rebuild our most ancient kingdom there. It is true he and those who went with him are lost, but I would see that dream fulfilled at last, now that the Dark One is no more to breed orcs and trolls to overwhelm us. I would restore his tomb and the memorials to our people there, and see our folk again know some hint of glory there once more."

"But our days are passing as surely as have those of the Elves," Gimli pointed out. "We do not increase our numbers--not in these days."

"Perhaps all the more reason to consider the project," the younger Dwarf responded. "Let us not be remembered by Men only for those cities of our peoples we abandoned, but more for those we restored."

It was a worthy thought.



For Elena Tiriel

Almost as soon as I saw this prompt, I knew what I wanted to write about - but the research took forever - sorry it's late, ET. I do so hope you enjoy this.

A Horn of Special Magnificence

After the kill, Vorondil was able to look closely at the kine; the Hunter shook with excitement. He knew he had a treasure, a precious treasure. One of the kine's-horns was the largest he had ever seen; the other, sadly, was badly misshapen. Kneeling before the head of the beast, he cut off the superior horn. His friends cheered as he held it up. All knew the voice of this horn would be thunderous. Vorondil walked to the camp's fire and threw the severed horn into a boiling pot of water.

Shortly thereafter, the camp settled and most of the men slept. Vorondil fished the horn out of the pot, dug the core out, trimmed the thin layer at the base, then began the tedious task of stripping the scale. Holding the horn in his lap, his practiced hand wielded the rasp, and in much shorter time than most other men would take, the horn was clean.

'This Kine of Araw was indeed a fighter,' Vorondil smiled in appreciation. 'The gouges are deep and many. Even Oromë himself might have had a bit of trouble defeating it.' It took another hour to file down those imperfections to Vorondil's liking. There was yet much to be done, but he was satisfied, for the nonce.

He knew a conjurer who would write the ancient characters and speak the ancient words, a smithy, who would make the silver bindings, and a cordwainer who would fashion the baldric. Now, all that remained: return to Minas Anor and commission the work.

'This will be the hunting-horn of the House of Vorondil; I will pass it down to my eldest, and he to his - generation unto generation.' A flush of pure joy lit his face. 'Never has Gondor seen such a horn as this will be!'


A/N - 1) Of course, this is the famous Horn of Gondor, carried by Boromir II, son of Denethor II; 2) I am figuring this hunt took place at the very beginning of Vorondil's Stewardship, or perhaps even a few years before. I don't think he would have been traipsing about the Land of Rhûn as the Nazgûl were laying siege to Minas Ithil; 2a) Vorondil's Stewardship was a time of war and loss for Gondor. In only his second year as Steward, he saw the Nazgûl come out of Mordor and lay siege to Minas Ithil, and two years later (III 2002), they succeeded in capturing it and the Palantír it contained. 2b) Minas Anor changed to Minas Tirith in 2002. So in this tale, it is still Minas Anor. Encyclopedia of Arda:; 3) Kine of Araw - horn bound with silver with ancient characters: (ET herself contributed to this!); 4) Last but not least, I found this great site for making horns!



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Oh my, Larner! This was just wonderful.

I loved Gimli's thoughtful consideration; I loved his questioning the lad; I loved the lad's arguments; but more fully, I adored his last and best reason for returning!

Personally, I cannot see those hallowed halls empty for all eternity.

Many, many thanks for a worhty tale.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Lovely, Larner.

One of the things that always amazed me about ashes - the lands that are ash-covered by volcanoes seem to be very good for apples....

Life is indeed interesting. That we all would mend.



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

Oh I loved this, Jay!

Personally, I wouldn't want to be one of the Dwarves being eyed by Gimli, for I think he was a powerful character, but intimidating! However, I loved his speech.... and I believe I would follow him, gladly.

Hooray for Bilbur! *giggles*

Thank you for the fine birthday present.



Re: For Elena Tiriel

Ah - this was beautiful and gave me chills! I've never thought much about that trip up the Anduin - it had to be hideous - and I didn't give much thought to the fact that the twins were there.

Again - this was beautiful - both parts!



Re: March 2009 Birthday Cards

This was delightful - as a 'little' sister - I just loved the exchange between the two - especially the 'sweetness' - Oh my - I'm still laughing!



Re: For Elena Tiriel

Oh, perfect!  Yes, just right for how the horn came into the House of the Stewards!  And delightfully different from the one other tale of its acquisition I've read.  In that one it started as tourist kitsch, which was most amusing.

But I can so see Vorondil doing just this, and begging Mithrandir to speak words over it and inscribe the banding!  Yes!



Worth Two in the Hand - for Elena Tiriel

Happy extremely belated birthday, Barbara!

I'm not exactly nature girl, but recently, a housemate and I have been trying to figure out what birds we have in our neighborhood, so we can try to figure out what her pet bird is responding to. It's been lots of fun, which inspired me to write this...


Worth Two in the Hand

Along the bend of the river, a bent brown figure comes striding, gliding through the morning mists, a bay mare brown as he in his wake.

To the Carrock he goes, mounting the steps swift as a mountain goat, 'til he reaches the top with the rising sun, and stands there, leaning on his staff, in the slanting golden rays. Over the dark heights of Mirkwood, morning creeps, banishing shadows – but for one, which swarms into being, it seems, in a chittering, cawing, cascade.

Up they shoot into the sky – birds of all sizes, feathered in every color, and then dive down to wing all about the Carrock, and the wizard who stands there, head tipped back as from bearded old lips the hundred songs of birds sing forth. Round him they swirl, once, twice, and then! Shrieking assent, they disperse, like an explosion of feathers.

Radagast watches as they vanish back into the forest eaves, or streak south and west towards the Gap, and breathes deeply, glances up at the eagle circling high overhead. It dips its wings in salute and sails north towards the mountains.

Content, he turns east to the morning and the Shadow, whence cowed and ruined creatures come ever more plentifully to harry them. But if Sauron will send his slaves with their mad eyes, they shall not go uncontested. Every bird in Wilderland who cares for free air and a welcoming branch to perch upon shall lend wings and their sweet throats to this endeavor, even as Gandalf had asked.

The winds sweep in from the forests, alive with song and chatter, and he smiles grimly. Fear not, my brother, he thinks across the leagues to Gandalf, the word is spreading.



Re: Worth Two in the Hand - for Elena Tiriel

A vibrant and well-described look at Radagast the Brown and his winged friends, and their role in the Ring War.  I'd never have guessed that you weren't nature girl; this seems a paean to birds and forest and Nature.




Re: Worth Two in the Hand - for Elena Tiriel

I have always been glad Radagast stayed true to his commission.  You have caught it so well, Dwim!



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