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November 2008 Birthdays

The days are getting darker and colder - just right for some moments spent writing and/or reading stories, don't you think?

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in November and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread.

Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the November Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the Birthday Cards Workshop the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

If you have any trouble with any of these steps, or just some questions or comments, I will do my best to help - just ask here in this thread, or e-mail me privately!


November 19 - Illereyn: My birthday comes at the end of a very important (and stressful!) examination period, so something about exams and tests or the preparation for a trying event would be nice. Alternately, Celeborn is my favourite character so something about him would also be very much appreciated!

November 30 - Ranger1: ...think of one of the ignored Elves of the First Age. I am a Pervy Avari Fancier so anything about them will fit. Angrod, Aegnor, Argon, Findus are open. If none of these appeal to you, How did Luthien get along with Melian?



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

My birthday comes at the end of a very important (and stressful!) examination period, so something about exams and tests or the preparation for a trying event would be nice.  Alternately, Celeborn is my favourite character so something about him would also be very much appreciated!
*And now back to study....*



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

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Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Hi illereyn,

no problem - the server seems to have a hiccouph from time to time .

Please name your exact birthday date, so I can list your request in the starter post.

HASA Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Since my birthday is on the 30th there is plenty of time, so think of one of the ignored Elves of the First Age. I am a Pervy Avari Fancier so anything about them will fit. Angrod, Aegnor, Argon, Findus are open. If none of these appeal to you, How did Luthien get along with Melian?

Dean Maia of Este



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Sorry!  Birthday is on November 19.
About the server hiccupping - actually, I've accidentally done that a number of times.  I keeps on saying 'Coldfusion database error' or something like that.  Does anybody more technically-minded know what this means?  Is it because I use Avant Browser rather than Firefox or Internet Explorer?



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

No problem, Illereyn. Your request is now listed above.

Unfortunately I can't help you with the technical problems. If you need help, click on "contact" in the right-hand corner, select site manager, and state your problem. I'm sure Anglachel can help you out.




Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Here, Illereyn, although you get to share with Nieriel Raina.

Faith Tried

Celeborn turned from the vision of his beloved granddaughter standing surrounded by the embrace of a mortal, and stared in disbelief at his wife. "I cannot believe this!" he said in low, shocked tones. "You would give your blessing to this union, our beloved daughter's own youngest child bound in hröa and fëa to an adan? What has possessed you? And you not only permitted him to enter our land, but dressed him as a very lord among the Eldar to beguile her eyes?"

Galadriel's face was without any discernible expression, a sure sign, he recognized in that small portion of his infuriated mind that was still rational, that she was deeply hurt by the very lack of faith in her judgment she had expected him to exhibit. "Say not that I sought to beguile her with false seemings, but rather, my husband, that I instead sought to open her eyes to the truth of his very being." Turning to look from afar at her granddaughter in her happiness she said in tones that could not hide her own grief, "Is she to remain ever merely a vessel empty of love and passion, an object of worship only but never knowing the delight her mother knew in loving her father, or that I know in loving you?" She returned her gaze to meet that of her husband, and he saw that her defiance was tinged with a level of acceptance that frightened away his anger. What had she seen?

"Do you mean to imply that should she not accept him she will never know love?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Say rather, my beloved lord, that should she not accept him, giving him the hope his childhood name declared, there is likely to be no future within which for her--or any--to find another love."

If possible, his heart became even colder with dread, and he turned his attention back to the sight of a pale maiden in the arms of a white-clad king.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

A chilling prediction thanks to Galadriel's foresight, but one of hope nevertheless - great work, Larner!

 I almost feel sorry for Celeborn; he probably thought (like Elrond and Gilraen) that there was no one in  Middle-earth good enough for Arwen!




Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Oh, I'm certain that he was certain indeed that there was noone good enough for HIS granddaughter!  And this must have been quite a shock to him, to see his little Arwen finally falling in love, and it's with a Man and not another Elf.

Thanks so for the feedback, Raksha.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Thank you so much, Larner!  I've been a bit depressed lately, as I didn't do as well in my exams as I wanted, but this cheered me right up!
Poor Celeborn!  You make me feel so sorry for him, but I'm proud that, in the end, he accepts the love even though his heart is 'even colder with dread'.  The part I liked most was how you showed that Celeborn and Galadriel's relationship is very deep and very strong even though you are capturing a disagreement between the two.
Once again, thank you, Larner!



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

To realize that the future of the world may in part hinge on whether or not this many-times-great nephew of your son-in-law has the hope of marrying your granddaughter would be a great shock, I'd think--that it's a possible choice between losing her to mortality and seeing the whole of Middle Earth go down the tube!  Yes, I think his heart would indeed be cold with dread.  But there's no question in my mind that these two loved one another dearly, and that he respected his wife's gifts, although this time her gift of foresight and farseeing must have seemed more a burden than otherwise.

Am sorry your tests didn't go as well as you'd hoped--been there and done that in my own college and grad courses, of course.  I do hope, however, that your birthday is a wonderful one and grants you some very special joy.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

My birthday comes at the end of a very important (and stressful!) examination period, so something about exams and tests or the preparation for a trying event would be nice.  Alternately, Celeborn is my favourite character so something about him would also be very much appreciated!
Okay, Illeryn; you jump-started the Galadriel muse.  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!  This story does have preparation for a trying event, and Celeborn, too.  And a gazillion hours of research, plus copious author's notes with provenance.  Sorry, it's late, plus is 900 words rather than 100.  And you do know that Galadriel used to be called Artanis, right?


Artanis finished daubing the olive oil on her limbs to increase suppleness.  Hastily, she plaited her hair, donned her shorts and fastened her kilt over them, then laced up her light runner's shoes.  One last stretch before fitting the leather and linen corselet onto her chest and binding it tight, and Artanis was ready!

She strode out of the ladies' tent and to the starting point.  The Great Games of Doriath were held only once each yen; and Artanis intended to defend her win of the women's thousand-feet race against all challengers.  Each of those feet was the length of one of the unshod feet of Tulkas himself; and Tulkas' form was not small; yet Artanis had always conquered the long track.  She nodded briskly to her competitors, acknowledging their greetings but not engaging in their nervous chatter.  Artanis had raced since the Time of the Trees.  She  knew when to focus on her purpose and when to let go of it. 

The level of the chatter rose.  The princess had arrived to take her place at the line.  Artanis spared a glance.  As usual, Luthien, looked as fair and fresh as a rose opening its petals.  She moved gracefully among the others, wishing them luck like a bemused watcher rather than the outstanding runner she was.   Artanis had only won the race in the last Games because Luthien had stopped to tend to tend to an injured contestant, a maidservant whose fall Artanis had not noticed during the sprint for the finish.

And then they began, launching themselves onto the course as Daeron blasted one long, perfect note on his trumpet.  Artanis took the lead easily and held it, lengthening her strides.  Someone was coming, moving fast, nearly to her elbow; the smell of roses reached her and Artanis knew that Luthien was at her elbow.   No! she shrieked silently.  Artanis pushed herself ahead, faster than she had thought possible, to the limit and beyond.  Almost there!  Artanis threw herself forward, coursing like one of Orome's wolfhounds chasing its prey.  Heart thundering, she crossed the line first!  Her legs wobbled.  As Artanis fought for balance, a strong hand reached out, took hers and easily bore her up.  She lifted her head and smiled merrily into the deep grey eyes of Celeborn. 

Thingol's kinsman had often appeared when she least expected him, and, as usual, held such quiet force of will that it was not possible to discount or ignore him.  Celeborn had oft provided Artanis with both wise counsel and intelligent conversation.   He was a good sort to have as a friend.   In fact, she had been surprised that Celeborn had not come to wish her luck before she had gone to the ladies' tent to prepare for the race.   

Artanis slowed her frantically laboring heart and gazed once more on the world beyond the race course.   Suddenly, Artanis looked back at Celeborn; for there was a difference in his attire.  He bore a winner's laurel wreath upon his brow, and something gleamed in his hands.

"Accept this trophy as a gift, lady," Celeborn said, and held out a shining silver arrow given to the winner of the archery contest in the Games.  Artanis found herself wordless.  Renowned as a student of lore, Celeborn had never competed in contests of sport.   What did he mean by giving her what was surely a hard-won trophy, the Silver Arrow of the Games?   Perhaps a gift between distant kin, or esteemed friends?  Or was he saluting her as one athlete salutes another?

"Thank you, lord," She answered clearly, taking the prize.  "Please accept my admiration for your prowess in the archery field this day, and the winning of the Silver Arrow."

"And good luck in all further pursuits, kinsman; may your arrows always find their mark!" Luthien chimed in mirthfully, as she kissed her cousin's cheek.  What had amused the princess?  Artanis did not appreciate being the odd one out when a witticism was made.  Celeborn laughed lightly, though his eyes were oddly gentle as he turned his gaze back to her.  

Just then, the queen came forth, bearing the laurel wreath for the winner of the race.  Celeborn stopped her, spoke softly, and took the wreath from Melian's hands.  "Permit me?" he asked Artanis.  She had never noticed that Celeborn's smile could be so compelling.  She turned her deeper senses to what lay behind that smile, and saw strength but no malice. 

Celeborn approached her; tall and proud in his light archer's tunic.  Then he stooped to kiss her forehead before settling the laurel wreath on her brow.  "Galad-riel, bright-garlanded maiden, I vow to win more than a mere arrow."  His quiet voice carried a new conviction, and she found that she liked it; as well as the after-name he had bestowed upon her, and the touch of his hands and lips.

"I would hear more of this vow, my lord of the silver tree;" she answered. This time she smiled at Celeborn with her whole heart.   In truth the golden daughter of Finarfin felt her blood sing and her flesh tingle in reply.   She had known many Eldar who had loved, but had never felt that strange, searing emotion.  Was it then her time at last?  Let it begin, she prayed; let there be a contest of hand and heart, and perhaps we both shall win what we most desire.




Author's Notes:  Tolkien seems to have postulated at least two origins and histories for Celeborn and Galadriel; frankly it gives me a headache to read them all.  I have taken some liberty and synthesized what I felt worked the best for this silver-and-gold pair, out of The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.  Thus, I have the Elf we know as Galadriel using her father-name Artanis (which was mentioned in UT) when this story begins; and Celeborn (who is not called Teleporno here) giving her the name Galadriel in Doriath rather than Aman; since I prefer to believe that they met in the kingdom of Thingol and Melian.  I don't think Celeborn would have used Quenya since Thingol banned the language's usage in his kingdom after learning of the Kin-slaying in Alqualonde.

kal' (gal-)             This root, meaning 'shine', appears in Calacirya, Calaquendi, Tar-Calion; galvorn, Gil-galad, Galadriel. The last two names have no connexion with Sindarin galadh tree', although in the case of Galadriel such a connexion was often made, and the name altered to Galadhriel. In the High-elven speech her name was Al(a)táriel, derived from alata 'radiance' (Sindarin galad) and riel 'garlanded maiden' (from a root rig- 'twine, wreathe'): the whole meaning 'maiden crowned with a radiant garland', referring to her hair. calen (galen) 'green' is etymologically 'bright', and derives from this root; see also aglar.

The SilmarillionElements of Quenya and Sindarin Names

In addition, any of the Eldar might acquire an epessë ("after-name"), not necessarily given by their own kin, a nickname -mostly given as a title of admiration or honour; and an epessë might become the name generally used and recognised in later song and history (as was the case, for instance, with Ereinion, always known by his epessë Gil-galad).  Thus the name Alatáriel, which, according to the late version of the story of their relationship (pp.242-43), was given to Galadriel by Celeborn...was an epessë (for its etymology see the Appendix to The Silmarillion, entry kal-), which she chose to use in Middle-earth, rendered into Sindarin as Galadriel, rather than her "father-name" Artanis, or her "mother-name" Nerwen. 

Unfinished Tales, Appendix E, The Names of Celeborn and Galadriel.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Competition is a marvelous story. As a researcher, I appreciate the author's notes and how you have interwoven this information into a crisp and interesting story about Galadriel and Celeborn in their younger days.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Thanx, RiverOtter!  I gobbled up loads of Galadriel/Celeborn stuff from UT and the SILM to figure out the issues about Galadriel's names, but it's still the convoluted Celeborn/Galadriel multiple past history possibilities, that JRRT himself never resolved, that drove me a bit batty while writing it.  But I really liked the idea that they met when Galadriel was in exile in Beleriand, a guest in Thingol and Melian's kingdom where Celeborn would have been an honored kinsman and resident.  I bet Galadriel often felt a bit upstaged by Luthien; though I imagine a lot of mutual respect; and that they were not always doing the same things...





Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Wow!  It seems that the guy knows how to get his timing right!  Smile Unlike this birthday girl, who apologises profusely for the late reply!  You see, after the stressful exam period came the stressful interview period, where all your research and preparation boils down to 15 minutes of manic grinning My lips are sealed and thinking "must not cross my legs!  Must have OPEN body language! (whatever that means)  Must not..."

Back to the story: Late is always a lot, lot better than never!  And I always think that whatever fits in a story should stay there, so I don't mind if it's 100 words or 101 words or 900 words.  In fact, 900?!  Yay!  More to gobble up!Grin
o_O OOOOOOOOH!  Galadriel muse!  yay!  My C and G shipper is dancing already!  Thank you Raksha!
Wow, again!  Thank you for the lovely birthday present, Raksha!  I've always admired your writing and your research skills, and am only too glad to have sparked a muse!
You've written a very interesting take on both 'Nerwen' and how C and G's relationship develops. 
As a guide to character, you can, if you wish, dismiss 'Artanis' as wishful thinking on a father's part, but mother-names are prophetic and meant to be reflective of the child's personality.  It's interesting that you interpreted 'man-woman' (on a side note, what a wealth of patriarchal assumptions behind that!) not only as being very athletic, but also portraying Artanis as having a more 'masculine' singleminded focus, as well as a winner/loser mentality.  The dyamics between 'man-woman' (imagine sporting such a name!  No wonder she chose Celeborn's epesse... Wink) and her female peers such as Luthien is very vividly and thoughtful developed too.
And, ooooooo, the budding relationship between C and G!  Isn't it wonderfully ironical and contradictory to all those gender stereotypes that the male is operating on a more emotional/relationship level than the female, at least initially?  And, geez, the guy's got timing!  Not only does he catch her when she bouyed up by victory, but also shows that he's not 'just' a scholar, demonstrates her importance to him by giving a hard-earned gift, plays a double entendre to indicate his true purpose without being too crassly blunt, AND manages to sneak in a kiss!  All that in one go!  No wonder she falls in love with him!  I  Heart him too!
And what's most impressive is that you've managed to fit all that into one cohesive, interesting and entertaining story.  Thank you once again, Raksha, for a lovely birthday present!



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

One of the notes on Nerwen-Artanis-Alatariel-Galadriel that I didn't quote comes from Unfinished Tales

Her mother-name was Nerwen ("man-maiden"), 1 and she grew to be tall beyond the measure even of the women of the Noldor; she was strong of body, mind, and will, a match for both the loremasters and the athletes of the Eldar in the days of their youth.

It strongly implies to me that the lady pursued athletic contests as well as lore; hence the idea of Galadriel preparing for and winning a race in the Doriath Olympics or whatever.   After I read The Silmarillion and UT, I came away with an appreciation for her as a restless, competitive person, who to me was more interesting than the Lady of the Wood we saw in FOTR.  

I would think that Artanis would have had male elves slavering after her for thousands of years; I mean, she was gorgeous, the light of the Trees in her hair, smart, high-ranked, etc.  I figured Celeborn had to be pretty special to stand out; and he wouldn't just wait around until she noticed him, he would woo her in a special way, show that he respected her and was worthy of her and was politely but definitely courting her in a way that would catch her eye, and her mind, etc.  I see Celeborn as subtle-minded, he's not going to go for and do the obvious.

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the story; illereyn; especially since I just don't write this pair very often (like, hardly ever).   




Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Since my birthday is on the 30th there is plenty of time, so think of one of the ignored Elves of the First Age. I am a Pervy Avari Fancier so anything about them will fit. Angrod, Aegnor, Argon, Findus are open. If none of these appeal to you, How did Luthien get along with Melian?

Dean Maia of Este

Here's a 700-word tryptych about Luthien and Melian, in ficlets of 300, 200 and 200 words; though it's more Luthien than Melian...Happy Birthday, Ranger1/Dean Maia!


Oh, but I long for more!  It is strange, for I have all that most could want.  Am I not the beloved only child of my kindly and well-loved parents, the princess of the hidden land of Doriath, the Light of the Thousand Caves, as Daeron calls me? 

I love the land of my birth and its people.  I have been blessed with a fair form and powers beyond most of the Eldar, talents and skills that I have spent yéni perfecting.  But unlike the lowest-ranked of my father's warriors, I am not given leave to pass through the ensorcelled Girdle of my mother's protection.  I must stay, and not be allowed to risk my life or even a broken finger.  My father would keep me safe forever; my mother says she sees the light of forsaken Aman in my very face.  And I weep a little, inside; for I love this land, but I have never felt it my true home.  

And so, from each dawn to dusk I stay by the throne, like a perfect pearl inside a silvered shell, as Círdan has brought from seas I have never seen.  I smile and say what is expected.  But sometimes, at night, I steal away, to the forest I love, and dance, alone, swaying with the trees in the night wind.   And I know then that I am more than a prize, and I will be more than Thingol's treasure.  Someday I will pass the Girdle and do, if not great deeds, then at least something of worth!  But what shall my destiny be, I wonder? 

 For what purpose was I made?  

When I learn the answer, none shall hinder me from accomplishing what is necessary for me to do.  Until then, I wait and I long for more.






 Since the day she was born, Lúthien has been my joy and my sorrow.   Such joy she gave me I could never have anticipated:  the thrill of watching her take those first steps, chirp out her first words in what was even then a voice as sweet as my beloved nightingales, grow in strength and skill and wisdom.  And oh, the beauty of her face!   There, I saw the pity of Nienna, the glory of Varda's stars, all that I had lost, all that was pure and fair in Arda.  And such sorrow my daughter gave me too:   just as I had left home and people and never once looked back, so, I fear, she will leave us one day. 

 How can I keep my precious daughter?  I look at her and my heart sickens already, knowing that Lúthien's heart yearns for what lies beyond the enchantment I wove to keep my child and her father safe.  I understand; as Thingol does not, that the heart can defy the greatest of sorcery.  When her heart finds a reason to move her will, she will flee these bounds.  Until then, I can only wait and watch her while I still can.




Alone no longer, I turn and see the stranger who has called me.  He finally speaks, to give me his name.  Beren, Beren, Beren, his voice echoes within me like a horn-call!  And when we touch hands to greet, I nearly forget my own name.  We both stand as if enchanted, yet I detect no spell of sorcery.  I do not know how it has happened, but Beren is the one I have awaited, he is for me and I am for him alone.  Already his tired face, as unlike the faces of the Eldar as the rocky crags are unlike the calm summer skies, is dearer to me than any other.  And look, the weariness leaves his face; and he is fairer than all the suitors who have wooed me; why I can barely remember their names!  

We kiss, and speak, and walk hand in hand.  I learn of the perils through which he has come, the dangers that oppress men and Eldar alike beyond Doriath.  And I feel all my strength and courage kindle.  No longer will I sit quietly by my father's throne!  For now I have found my true home; it is the heart of Beren.




Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Okay, Dean Maia of Este--here is my offering.  I grieve it is a day late, but I've been working on a Yule fic that just finished itself this morning, and it's been demanding all my attention!  Now--I, too, have found myself drawn to Melian and Luthien.

For Dean Maia of Este's birthday. And thanks to RiverOtter for the beta.

Seeking to Give Comfort

          The Lady Melian, Queen of Doriath, sought to comfort her daughter. "I do not understand, Naneth," the weeping elleth whispered between her sobs. "Why cannot he see that this is the one who stirs my heart! It is true he is but a Man--but the fire of passion within his heart burns so strong that it has blinded me to those who look at me with desire from among our own people! Why can Adar not appreciate how deeply I am moved? Why must he see him as nothing more than an adan, as if that were somehow shameful, or as if Men were lesser somehow than the Eldar? Are they, too, not among the Children of Eru?"

          What could the mother say to her bereft child, her sweet Lúthien? After all, could it not be said by some that she, too, had, as a Maia, wed beneath her own station by marrying Thingol, a mere king among Elves?

          "Oh, my daughter, I understand."



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

These are marvelous, Raksha!  I, too, found myself more drawn to Luthien than to the Avari Elves!  Alas!  But these two ficlets are so well drawn and depict the anxiety Melian must have felt as well as how very different Luthien must have found Beren after the apparent perfection of her own people.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Even though I did not reply at the time I did read this soon after it was posted. The desire Luthien expresses here is *exactly* the same desire Diana felt that led to her becoming Wonder Woman: I have great deeds to do. This is what got me wondering how Wonder Woman and Luthien would get along.

Sorry to have ignored you, but we do as we can.

Dean Maia of Este.



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

I did read this when it was posted and it got swept into the mix of Elven Princesses and Wonder Woman. The emotions here feel right. A mother comforting her emotionally wrecked daughter over her father's blindness when the mother had the same problem. No one, not even the professionals who write the comic books, and I have looked at some of the fanfic, seem to realize the potential for this level of writing about Wonder Woman. I began to feel the hot breath of a Nuzgul at my feet.

Dean Maia of Este



Re: November 2008 Birthdays

Oh, good--you did read it, then.  Thank you so, and interesting you are working some of the emotion into your Wonder Woman in Doriath!

And lately the Nuzguls are getting predatory!



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