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July 2008 Birthdays

Birthday folk: Is your birthday is in July and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread.

Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the July Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop stories.

Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Ask here in this thread or e-mail me privately - I'll try to help as best as I may.


July, 12 - Marta: I'd like gapfillers involving lesser known races - the Dunlanders! the Avari! the Easterlings! or whatever strikes your fancy - especially if it is tied to some sort of canonical event or reference. Cross-cultural momens are fine, but so are moments involving just them. (I have a special interest in the men and dwarves of Esgaroth/Dale/Erebor, so if you'd like to write a drabble about them, that always goes over well.)

July, 18 - Cheryl Ann Alexis: I would very much like a short little scene during the war of the ring period of Legolas and Aragorn's friendship. Or anything with Legolas in it, really.

July, 25 - Vilwarin: We just moved into our new house in a different town. So I would like a piece about someone settling in a new place - maybe even amongst a different people. Extra points if you write about a woman, preferably Arwen. If that doesn't inspire you, I'd be happy with something about the Northern Dúnedain (same procedure as every year).



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

My birthday is July 12. And I have never been known to pass up the opportunity to sic nuzgul on other writers. :-)

I'd like gapfillers involving lesser known races - the Dunlanders! the Avari! the Easterlings! or whatever strikes your fancy - especially if it is tied to some sort of canonical event or reference. Cross-cultural momens are fine, but so are moments involving just them. (I have a special interest in the men and dwarves of Esgaroth/Dale/Erebor, so if you'd like to write a drabble about them, that always goes over well.)



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

My birthday is on July 25th. We just moved into our new house in a different town. So I would like a piece about someone settling in a new place - maybe even amongst a different people. Extra points if you write about a woman, preferably Arwen. If that doesn't inspire you, I'd be happy with something about the Northern Dúnedain (same procedure as every year).



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

(same procedure as every year).

Snort... Seems such an incongruous reference, in the midst of Summer, doesn't it? Why do I have the feeling I must be on the lookout for that tiger skin lying around my small apartment? (not that I don't need any more excuses to permanently stub my toes and ankles on my furniture )

...completely frivolous and off-topic...



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

And your nuzgul caught me with a vengeance... I'm a bit early, but I'm sure you won't mind. There are a hundred words in there, so it is a drabble (and a bit). Happy birthday, Marta!

To follow a wizard

'Yet there are many that cry in the Dunland tongue,' said Gamling. 'I know that tongue. It is an ancient speech of men, and once was spoken in many western valleys of the Mark. Hark! They hate us, and they are glad; for our doom seems certain to them. 'The king the king!' they cry. 'We will take their king. Death to the Forgoil! Death to the Strawheads! Death to the robbers of the North!' Such names they have for us. Not in half a thousand years have they forgotten their grievance that the lords of Gondor gave the Mark to Eorl the Young and made alliance with him. That old hatred Saruman has inflamed. – Helm's Deep, chapter 7, book III, The Two Towers


Hazad looked around curiously. He had not been inside the wizard's stronghold before, only heard the tales of how there was seam nor stone to be seen in its black walls. He wondered if he dared touch the wall to find out if it felt as smooth as it looked, but it might be better not to draw attention to himself.

The wizard had sent messengers to all villages in this part of the mountains, and nearly all sent someone to the stronghold in response. It would be unwise to antagonise this neighbour. Also, some men from villages further south had taken service with the wizard, and from what they told, it appeared he was generous enough to those who served him well.

"Welcome, my neighbours," a soft voice suddenly spoke in their own tongue, calling Hazad from his musings. He had not even heard their host's approach, but there he stood, the wizard; an old man, yet proud and unbent. Hazad suspected there was a lot more to this greybeard than could be seen, and he swallowed against the sudden fear he felt in the pit of his stomach. Then the wizard caught his eye and he felt as if his innermost thoughts were laid bare.

"You need not fear, my friend," the wizard addressed him in a kindly voice, and he knew there was indeed no reason to fear this man. It was clear he had their interest at heart. "What is your name?"

"Hazad," he replied.

"Hazad, I have called you, and all these who have come here with you," and he made a gesture to include the others, "to help you seek redress for your old grievances against the Horsemasters. Did they not once accept the lands that were yours from those whose ancestors had stolen them from you? And is not he who knowingly takes stolen goods as bad as the thief himself?"

All nodded in unison. That was their oldest claim against the filthy Strawheads, and all conflicts between them since those days resulted from that injustice. Yes, Hazad thought, it was high time that they retook what was theirs.

"What must we do, lord?" someone asked, his voice sounding harsh in the silent hall.

As Hazad turned his head to see who it was that spoke, the wizard no longer held his gaze and he felt a brief twinge of doubt, but then the old man spoke again, and he saw once more what they had to do.

"You must gather an army of all those among you who can bear arms, and return here before the next full moon. And then, my friends, we will march on the Horsemasters, so that all our purposes may be fulfilled. For I, too, have claims against them, and would seek justice." He appeared saddened and aggrieved now, an old man treated harshly by a cruel world, and Hazad felt his anger burn both for the injustices done his own people and the hurts done their benefactor.

"Yes! We will fight for you!" Hazad joined in the calls from his fellow village elders. They would at long last take back the lands the Westmen had first taken for themselves and later given to the Strawheads. They would return to their villages and call the men to arms, and then they would march south and regain the honour of their longfathers. At last, the time for revenge had come, and the day would be theirs.


A/N: The name Hazad is taken from HoME 12, ch. XVII, Tal-Elmar.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Oh, very nicely done, Nath! I always wondered how Saruman might relate to the Dunlendings and convince them to attack when much of the attacks on Rohan in years close to the Ring War seem to be by orcs. I found the reasoning very convincing.

 I'm off to set up a story for my birthday drabbles, so please be on the look-out for it and add your drabble.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Glad you liked it I've always been interested in the Dunlendings and the raw deal they got from everyone throughout their existence. The ache in my ankle still isn't gone though, and maybe Hazad will survive the war, and be willing to talk to me again...

Found the story and added the *cough*drabble*cough*.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Here, Marta--a series of drabbles.  (Bet you can't read just one, after all!)


A New Life

            Aragorn first noted the young warrior among the group of Easterlings attacking from a position to the east of the slag hill on which his troupes stood.  He was taller than many of his fellows, and his hair was far lighter than was true of most of the Rhûnim, as was true also of his mustache.  He was determined, though; that Aragorn had to admit as he saw three of his kinsmen and two Rohirrim turn to face this newest threat.

            He put the young warrior from his mind--a great troll and two orcs were advancing on him, after all.


            The young warrior woke, apparently inside an enclosure of some sort.  Someone was carefully wiping his forehead with a damp cloth.  "So," a voice said in his own tongue, "you come back to us, do you?  Do you think that you could swallow some water, and then perhaps some broth?"

            He could see nothing--suddenly frightened, he put his hand to his face and found bandages wrapped about his eyes.

            "Soft now, my son," the voice advised him.  "You lost an eye in the battle, and we seek only to preserve the sight in the other.  It will soon be uncovered."


            He was settled on a bench while the healer worked at unfastening the bandages about his head.  "We are in a rather dark tent," he was advised.  "We will soon know whether the right eye has followed the left."

            The last of the cloth strips fell away, and gently a pad was removed from the left, and finally from the right.  He first realized there was a glimmer of light behind him, and the shapes before him resolved in time into the faces of two Men--but they were not Rhûnim!

            "By the Dark Lord," he whispered.  "I've been taken prisoner!"


            "They have been very kind to us," whispered the one who lay in the next bed, whose lung had been pierced and yet looked to recover.  "We are treated with courtesy and gentleness--and respect.  Lord Abdurin ordered us all killed, since we were sore wounded; but the folk of the Stonelands would not do so.  Indeed their new captain insisted instead we be given all aid possible, and he labors himself amongst the healers.  Imagine--a warrior who yet is a healer himself.  He has spent much time over you, easing your thrashing when you were yet out of your body."


            "What would you do?" asked Gondor's new captain, whose name was yet unknown.  "Have you family at home?  A wife?  Children?"

            He shook his head.  "No--no wife, no children.  None would accept me into their clan, for my father was a slave, one of the Horse-folk west of you."

            "You fought well."

            "But I am the son of a slave, and am now half blind."

            "You have lost the use of one eye, but have use of the other.  You could still do much for your people."

            He shook his head bitterly.  This one knew little of his people, apparently.


            He stood at the entrance to their camp; the new King was to come among them, set each on his way.  He watched the tall Man moving amidst his guards, and recognized the healer captain in him.  His mouth fell open.

            Some of his fellows yet chose to return to Rhûn.  Others chose to accept service to families or on farms within Gondor.

            "I still have no thoughts as to what I could do with my life, great Lord," he said.

            The King's small companion stepped forward.  "I know an artisan within the Fourth Circle who would welcome an apprentice."


            It was difficult work and exacting, learning to blow glass.  But there was a delightful satisfaction in seeing the sand melt, then to see the glowing blob taking shape from the breath of the glassblower, to see colors emerge, swirling in a dizzying manner.

            "Master Frodo did well to send you to me," Master Celebrion told him with satisfaction.  "You have a good eye and a ready imagination, and are willing to do all you are set to do.  I am well pleased."

            Arafim smiled.  Trading sword for bellows and metal straw and molten glass had given him great satisfaction.


            He entered Rhûn in a caravan sent out from Minas Tirith, and was surprised at how comfortable he felt, how reassuring he found the seeing the robed figures he'd ever thought his own--until he'd learned one had ordered his death.  They were welcomed and given much honor, and at the first market he set out his wares.

            A woman lifted up a fine ewer he'd crafted, looking with delight at the colors that swirled through it.  "How lovely!" she said in her own tongue to the boy who'd come with her.  "How much?" she asked in accented Westron.

            "For you? ..."



for Marta

All the best for your lucky day, Marta!

This is a bit early, but I don't know if I'll have time over the weekend. And I'm not entirely satisfied with the ending, so I might tweak it a little before posting it to your workshop story.

(I'm thinking that maybe the bookending "at first" ---> "at last" is a little heavy-handed)



From the Grey Twilight

At first we laughed at his curse, judging it no more than impotent fury of one thwarted. What power the curse of a man – even be he prince of great Númenor – against Sauron’s might?

Not until too late did we recognise the first workings of the curse when Isildur’s wrath drove us to hide in secret places in the mountains.

Now we are called the Sleepless Dead, dread and terror of the land once ours, restless as prophesied.

We wait for the one foretold elsewhere to whom we would fulfil our oath, and thus at last earn our eternal peace.


- Title is from Malbeth the Seer’s prophecy in RotK, The Passing of the Grey Company
- “And they fled before the wrath of Isildur [...] and they hid themselves in secret places in the mountains...” (ibid.)



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

How well you have caught the power of Saruman's voice contrasted to the emptiness of his words.  Excellent, Nath.



Re: for Marta

Ooh, Imhiriel--I like this look at Isildur's curse from the POV of those caught by it!  Oh, yes!



Re: for Marta

Ooh, Imhiriel--I like this look at Isildur's curse from the POV of those caught by it! Oh, yes!

Thanks you, Larner. I admit I still have problems wrapping my head around the logistics, not to speak about Isildur being able to do this in the first place. That's the advantage in a drabble: you can pick and choose which aspects to showcase and which to leave out for the readers to mull over if they so choose .




Family Tree - for Marta

Family Tree – for Marta

Marta asked for little-written races. I don't know if this quite counts – I tried really hard to make the analogy work in two hundred words – but it's at least an underwritten perspective in Tolkien's world! Happy birthday, Marta!



Her forefather was born in Valinor, strong land that makes strong sons: in life and in death, forever faithful to the Valar, trustiness that breeds true all through his line. Daughter of a loyal lineage, she, too, would have been faithful to her mother's land and its people, but she had no chance. She will not grow to fullness in her mother's shadow, for they betrayed her on the cusp of her birth.


But she will grow. In the dreamtime of the womb, he comes to her, savior of her kind, and in the innocence of her first flowering, she breathes gently upon him, returning life for life, and more beside.


Alas, Men forget the strength of Arda's first children – her life and bond in his words, Isildur, too can bind others to live – to life beyond all living. 'Tis a grief, his perversion of her gift, and she tears her pale garlands, lets them fall to earth. But grief is not release – loyal still, she's put down roots to bind her children and her children's children to his line, and through all the long darkness, they will together stand:  Tree and Crown will see each other through to redemption.


P.S. Imhiriel, this is partly your fault, too!




Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Lovely, Larner! I particularly liked your character's surprise that a warrior could alos be a healer. I imagine Aragorn was quite a paradigm shift for a lot of characters. And the whole series came nicely full circle - I highly enjoyed it.

I also apologize being late to reply. I had received the email alert but tucked it away for later reading because I was busy that day.... and forgot about it! But it was nice to read it late, and extend my birthday pleasure a bit more.



Re: for Marta

Ooh, lovely perspective! I'm really enjoying all of these. I particularly like the thought that the men are stuck in a sort of spiritual twilight - neither really alive nor dead. Very deep. :-)

 If you want my opinion on the At first/at last issue, it doesn't seem heavy-handed, but I'm not sure it's totally parallel to "at first." I can't quite explain why... I guess at first seems more chronological, whereas at last is a more of a bit of desperation or impatience? I'm not sure if that makes sense. :-(

If it was me, I might consider moving "at last" so it's not the very end of the drabble - like "and thus at least earn our eternal peace." That way it wouldn't readlike you were trying to bookend it so much. But this is a very minor niggle and I only mention it because you said you weren't quite satisfied with it - I would not have noticed this issue at all if you hadn't brought it up!



Re: for Marta

Thank you, Marta - I'm very glad you liked the idea!

And thanks for your input; it was very helpful in clearing my thoughts. I have changed the ending according to your suggestion (I think ending the drabble on "peace" makes a nice contrast to the restless spirits featured in the rest of it).




Re: Family Tree - for Marta

P.S. Imhiriel, this is partly your fault, too!

In fact, I feel as if I had received a birthday gift, as well! You have combined indeed two of my favourite topics: the/a White Tree, and an unusual PoV!

It's painful and beautiful and I suspect the ideas it evokes and the connections it makes will long resonate with me. (And you have set me a difficult example to try to aspire to in my White Trees WiP drabble series).




Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Considering how active you are in EVERYTHING, and particularly right now with the MEFAs, I understand.  Am just so glad you like the series.

And it appears to be a hallmark of the truly blessed leaders in Tolkien's Arda that once the battle is over they suspend the antagonism, insisting on treating the vanquished honorably.  Helm's Deep ends with the Dunlendings being given tools to help repair the damage they've wrought and the promise they will be sent home safely; Aragorn orders that all who surrender among the Men who were allied with Sauron were to be unmolested and treated fairly; and Frodo insisted that the ruffians who surrendered be treated well and merely shown the borders of the Shire.  In the end this is likely to deter those who have been made prisoners of war from taking up arms once more against their former captors.

And I do hope your birthday was a pleasant one indeed.



Re: Family Tree - for Marta

A very interesting and unusual POV here, Dwimordene.  Now we see more clearly how the White Tree became so entwined with the lineage of the Kings of Gondor.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

July, 18 - Cheryl Ann Alexis: I would very much like a short little scene during the war of the ring period of Legolas and Aragorn's friendship. Or anything with Legolas in it, really. Hehehehe. XD




Re: July 2008 Birthdays--Wilwarin and Rhapsody

For Wilwarin and Rhapsody for your birthdays--enjoy!  Hope you don't mind sharing!  Four drabbles and a double drabble. 

The Brides' New Homes


            They were alive, she and her mortal husband; and this time she would be allowed to follow him fully, past the boundaries that ordinarily would hold the daughter of an Elf and Maia within Arda until the unmaking of the world.  She looked uncertainly, but with growing delight, into Beren's eyes.

            "And this place has been granted us?"

            He nodded solemnly.  "Yea, to us and our family, or so they tell me."

            "And once again within Endorë?"

            Again he nodded.

            "A time to know the fullness of our love, then," she whispered.

            "A time and a place," he assured her.


            She alighted for the first time as Elrond's wife within the vale of Imladris, looking about her in interest.  "And this is our home now?" she asked, assuring herself this was real.

            "You are free to do whatever you wish, to order building or removal of structures, however you wish so as to make it as much your home as mine," her husband explained.

            She looked about.  No golden mellyrn here, raising their silver limbs toward the blue of the heavens.  But the singing of the waters--that was heartening.  "I shall love it here, I believe," she announced, smiling broadly.


            She awoke, feeling strange, lying next to her new husband.  No singing water outside to welcome her into a new day; no golden trees to ward her about.  The stone chamber seemed somehow--heavy.  She felt heavier as well.  For the first time she knew that she'd abandoned the Life of the Eldar, and that the Gift of Iluvatar was hers.  Vaguely she wondered what that would feel like to accept at the last.

            Arwen stirred, and he awoke; she turned to look into his eyes, seeing the startled delight, knowing that from now on neither should ever truly awake alone.


            She slipped off his saddlebow--he'd begged to carry her so to the site of their future home, and at last she'd relented.  It was a beautiful place.  True, there were ruins here, but what of that?  They would be incorporated into the home she and Faramir should share.

            She looked about, seeing the great mount of stone on which the castle of Emyn Arnen had once stood and where it would soon stand again.  The trees should have left her feeling strange, cutting off her view as they did, but they didn't.  She smiled.  Pointing, "The garden there, I think."


            Rosie was embarrassed by the treatment given her by the wife of Saradas Brandybuck.  Sam stood by her, his face stiff with fury, his arm about her protectively.  But it was Master Frodo who faced down the Hobbitess.

            "I will have you know, Dirna, that Rosie is the Mistress of this hole, and is not to be treated as a servant."

            Dirna Brandybuck looked, wide-eyed, from Frodo to Sam and back.  "You mean, you share her?"

            Master Frodo's face went stark white, and for the moment she saw in him the majesty of Lord Iorhael, as Sam told her he was known in Gondor.  "You would think that of my brother's wife?" he said, his voice dangerous.  "For know this--Samwise Gamgee is my adopted brother, and not merely my gardener.  He sought to give his life for me and for all of Middle Earth.  There is nothing I would not do to honor him--and his family--as he deserves.  And I suggest that if you question the propriety of me sharing my hole with the brother of my heart and his family, that you write to the King Elessar himself.  I am certain he would be glad to set you straight."



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

This is jointly for you and Tari Elflady, Cheryl. A quaddrabble. Enjoy.


Words of Counsel

"So--you have been chosen to accompany the Ringbearer on the road to Mordor?"

"Yes, my Lord Glorfindel.I had thought perhaps you should be chosen for this place."

"And you think that once we left northern Eriador the Enemy would not be aware of the fact the Balrog-slayer was headed his way? Nay--that would have proven disastrous. Nay--better one he has paid little attention to, even if you are a Prince of Eryn Lasgalen. But keep the blade of your knife keen and your bowstring dry, child--his creatures will undoubtedly follow you along the way, drawn by the presence of the Ring. And stand by both Frodo Baggins and our Estel. Remind the Hobbit that he is compassed round with the love and concern of those who serve the Light, and remind Aragorn that he cannot expect to do everything himself, and that all of us at times make mistakes in judgment."

Glorfindel examined Legolas Thranduilion, then smiled."Sauron is too prideful, I think; and you shall help to help shake that pride somewhat.Go with my blessings."

"If only they had not included the Dwarf--speaking of pride."

The ancient warrior shook his head."Nay--do not discount him until he has proved himself one way or another, my prince. The Children of Aulë also have a stake in seeing Middle Earth ridded of Sauron's treachery. He has cost them much--perhaps the chance to return to their former numbers once more. He has seen what Sauron's creatures have done to his lands and peoples; and his folk have a special love and regard for the Periannath. He will stand by Frodo Baggins with all that is within him, you will find."

Sensing the light reproof, Legolas bowed his head."As you say, my lord."


As he glanced behind during the run through Rohan, Legolas could see the determined Dwarf keeping stride, there behind Aragorn. Frodo had chosen to go on alone--save for the determined Sam. The only way they could keep faith with the Ringbearer at this point would be in rescuing Merry and Pippin, if it could be done. Yes, when choosing Gimli son of Gloin Elrond had chosen well. A worthy Dwarf! Then he caught a winded smile of approval from Aragorn, who appeared able to read his thoughts.

He turned back to the trail of the Uruk-hai, smiling slightly.

They would rescue the young Hobbits, that he pledged.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Vilwarin! 

Starting over

A vignette in three drabbles and a tribble

Even in the boat that took them towards the safety of the ships, Zamîn was still not sure whether she was doing the right thing.

"I shouldn't go, not yet. If Îbal comes back and doesn't find me there, he may think I too have been taken for questioning by the King's Men."

Her friend Inzil gave her a pitying look. Zamîn shivered and hugged herself as she looked back towards the quay. "Oh, you're right. I'm deluding myself. Îbal is dead or will be soon, as will all the Faithful who stay now. Pharazôn will not show them mercy."


The previous nightfall had been the worst yet. Not even the Eagles were visible in the West, only a cloud of deepest black obscuring the Sun's light without warning.

That morning, Zamîn had gone on deck to escape the oppressive air in the hold, and so she saw the fire burst from Meneltarma as the doom of the Valar struck Númenor. She was ushered into the hold before the storm that would drive them towards Middle-earth hit the ships. Yet as she looked at her home one last time, Zamîn had seen the approach of the Wave in the distance.


What had Pharazôn's pride unleashed? The devastation wrought by the fury of the sea was clear even to one who had never seen Ennor's coast; the line that marked the furthest reach of the water was miles from the shore, the land between littered with uprooted trees and debris.

Zamîn stared in horror at this proof of the wrath of the Valar; yet though she mourned her home, remembering the Darkness that had ruled Númenor, remembering the Temple in Armenelos and the blood-stained altars, she also rejoiced that at least that Evil had been cleansed from the face of Arda.


Despite their own losses from the angry waves, the Elves who dwelt in these lands had been quick to help the Dúnedain settle near Lake Evendim, where some of Númenorean descent lived already.  

Zamîn's skill as a woodwright was in great demand in their new home, and she made her living making looms and other household goods, as she had in Númenor. After some time, she found her gaze would often linger on the man who made the weights for her looms, and she thought he looked at her with interest too, but at first she dismissed the idea. No matter how Baran's smile warmed her, she still grieved for her Îbal, and to wed twice was, if not unheard of, at least more than slightly improper.

Yet when she confessed her worries to Inzil, her friend laughed at her.

"Zamîn, forget about proper," and Inzil raised her hand to show a narrow ring of silver.

"Who?" Zamîn asked, both shocked and happy for her.

"Ulbor. He lost his wife and son to the altars. He wants to start a farm in the hills south of here, so we decided we will make a new start together." Her friend looked at her before continuing. "But you should grab your chance also. You're young, you're barely sixty, and you can still have more children. Îbal would not begrudge you any of that."  

The next day, when Baran came by again, claiming he needed to know how many weights she would need in the next months, she returned his smile. Inzil was right. The past lay buried under the cold waves. They did not live here by choice, but there was no reason Ennor could not be made to be home. And Baran was a good, solid man. Things would work out.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

This WAS delightful, Larner... and you were right - I couldn't read just one...

I loved the idea of the mixed blood and the mystery of the captain and especially - the lad's curse...

Delightful tale and the ending was superb!



for Vilwarin

Hi Vilwarin,

I don't know if you've seen the drabble as I put it on HA, but in any case, I have slightly modified it, changed the PoV from 1st person to 3rd (somehow I liked it better on reflection).

Anyway, here's your birthday drabble:



Where the Heart is

The sound of lapping waves from Lake Evendim, the fresh, familar scent of the North drifted through the window, like a greeting from an old friend.

Aragorn felt content.

He had been unexpectedly reluctant to leave Minas Tirith, having finally made it his home, the first he had known since age twenty.

His gaze strayed through the room, lingered on random details: the pack of handkerchiefs Bilbo had left him as threatened. Frodo-lad’s drawing of an Oliphaunt, beside the battered map annotated in Halbarad’s unmistakeable scrawl. The vase of wildflowers Arwen had just picked.

A reminder: this was home, also.


- “King Elessar rides north, and dwells for a while by Lake Envedim.” (Entry in RotK, Appendix B, the Tale of Years, for the year 1436 S.R.)



Re: for Vilwarin

Oh, what a wonderful piece, Imhiriel. Vielen, vielen Dank.

A reminder: this was home, also.

I loved Aragorn thinking of the North as home, too. His love for the North has been strangely neglected by many in stories of the time of the King. And I love Arnor, too.

Larner, what a wonderful idea to pick up a bit of the tale of not one but many of the important woman in Tolkien's writings.

Nath, thank you a lot for an approach that I'd never imagined.

I'll go now to set up a workshop story so that you can add your stories.



Re: for Vilwarin

You are welcome, Vilwarin.  It was a pleasure.



Re: July 2008 Birthdays

Thank you so, Agape.  It was interesting to look at Aragorn through the eyes of one of the Rhunim, and to think to what he might come in time.  And glad you appreciated his curse!  Heh!



Re: for Vilwarin

It was an interesting period in time to look at, and the story's got Northern Dúnedain, and a woman settling in a new place - I couldn't quite work in Arwen too for you



Re: for Vilwarin

Oh, what a wonderful piece, Imhiriel. Vielen, vielen Dank.

You're very welcome! (And I apologise for the late reply)

I loved Aragorn thinking of the North as home, too. His love for the North has been strangely neglected by many in stories of the time of the King. And I love Arnor, too.

I think often the North is seen as his "true" home, and Gondor "merely" the place where he happens to live after his coronation. And I wanted to twist this expectation around a little.


P.S.: I've just added the drabble to your workshop.



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