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March 2005 Birthdays - 7

I think this is unprecedented: 7 threads for one month? Wow...

Anyway, this should be the last March thread. It seems cheap of me to post it when this is the last day of March, but I still have to post a few drabbles anyways.

March 3 - Celandine Brandybuck: I'd still appreciate drabbles about any of the Steward's family. Time, place, topic up to the author's discretion!

March 6 - Agape4Gondor: Is there a chance I might find a Boromir drabble here for me?

March 6 - Khazar-Khum: For drabbles--let's see the bad guys in action, shall we?

March 7 - Narwen Almiriel: Firstly, sorry for such short notice! My birthday is on the 7th of March. I only joined HASA a few days ago, and was so thrilled to find that I could request a birthday drabble. And I can’t even seem to make up my mind…Let’s see…Could I have a drabble about either a). Celeborn and Galadriel being reunited in Aman, or b). Finwë and either one of his wives (or both, even…) or c). Melian and Elwë. Please? Pretty please?

March 11 - Erin (Sangfroid101): Something involving the Teleri- anything. It can be a teleri reference by some LOTR characters, or a drabble at sea, wherever, whenever. I'm not picky. I just like the teleri. :-)

March 14 - Elena Tiriel: I'd like a drabble about one or more male character(s) being heroic (however you wish to define that term -- it's not limited to deeds in battle...). My favorite races are Elves (not Kinslayers) and Rohirrim... but Faramir will do in a pinch. Or even Gimli. (Especially if he's with Legolas...) And I *love* it when someone picks out an obscure corner of canon to write about... but that's not a requirement, just icing on the (many-candled) birthday cake...

March 20 - Vistula the Dunedain: My birthday (the BIG 40) is March 20th and I would LOVE drabbles that have YOUR favorite character somehow interacting with MY favorite character. For those few of you who haven't already guessed who THAT may be, the answer is, of course, Sam.

Anytime, any place, any situation is great! (And I don't mind slash either, if you are so inclined.)

March 23 - Tárion Anaróre: I would reeeeeeeeeeeally love something with the sons of Feanor. Especially the younger ones, if you're up to it! I'd also take anything with Elladan & Elrohir if you don't want to do kinslayers (I love them to death). (Just no slash please!)

March 24 - Obsidianj (Chris): I would like something with Aragorn(Strider) and the hobbits or Aragorn and Boromir.

March 29 - Meril (Allie): I'm incredibly indecisive. I want (a) a happy moment between Feanor and Nerdanel, or (b) anything Houses of Healing, or (c) Galadriel and Celeborn anywhere. If you incorporate all of those (definitely not required!), I'll drop dead from shock.

March 31 - Forodwaith: I'd love drabbles about Arwen (a criminally underwritten character IMO), especially if they focus on a part of her life other than her relationship with Aragorn. If you're an Arwen-hater, write me a drabble about Sam and his garden and I'll be just as happy.



For Forodwaith

Forodwaith: I'd love drabbles about Arwen (a criminally underwritten character IMO), especially if they focus on a part of her life other than her relationship with Aragorn. Here's a drabble featuring Arwen and her brothers ... Brotherly Love Arwen stopped abruptly as two horses pounded into the yard, and the riders dropped lightly to the ground. “Arwen!” one called. “We are sorry we so nearly missed your begetting day –” began the other. “But Elrohir’s horse went lame …” “And then Elladan nearly got us lost!” They exchanged glances of fond exasperation. She tried hard to look disapproving as her brothers, looking dishevelled as always when they returned from a patrol, advanced on her. They both hugged her, smearing her with mud, and she broke into a reluctant smile. “Happy begetting day, little sister!” they declared as one. And happy birthday, Forodwaith! Jay



Happy Birthday to Me

Agape4Gondor: No need to worry about posting something as good as this! Arwen in Lorien is definitely one of my favourite things. And two drabbles about Arwen with her family... thank you, Ranger1 and Jay! You've both shown such loving, close relationships.



Very belated for Cel!

Very, very belated... You asked for anything Steward's family, so here you go! Neither introspective nor requiring thought, here's some Finduilas-and-kids fluffiness. Happy birthday, Cel! Shells and Stories “…and this one is a catspaw. These come from Queen Berúthiel’s cats, you know. When Tarannon set her to sea, she cut off her cats’ paws and ate them. Then—” “Boromir!” she exclaimed in horror. “Tell your brother a different story, please?” “All right, Mama,” her eldest said innocently. “Here, look at this one, Faramir: it’s a conch shell. If you hold it up against your ear, you can hear the sea. Do you know why?” “Why, Bo’mir?” “They’re messages from the Valar, to remind us of our ancestors and our old home.” There: much better, Finduilas silently praised. Valar be praised, he does understand. “’Cause they sank Númenor: CRASH! BOOM! SPLOOSH! So they put these shells here to remind us of Númenor and not to get too proud or else they’ll sink Gondor too.” Clearing her throat, she said pointedly, “A happier story?” when her son looked back at her. He frowned. “Mama, Uncle Imri didn’t tell happy ones: he only told scary ones.” Finduilas picked up an iridescent white snail shell. “Do you know this one?” “No.” “Look how it spirals upward. What does it remind you of?” Boromir looked stumped, but Faramir grinned. “It’th Minath Tirith.”
edit: *guilty grin* And here's the inspiration...



Re: Very belated for Cel!

Allie, that was awesome!! Of course you tell your little brother scary stories! What would be the fun in happy ones? Ate their paws. hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeee...........why do I think that Uncle Imri may be getting an earful from his sister? And I have to ask -- have you been reading Kasiopea's strip?



Re: Very belated for Cel!

Yay! Glad you think it's funny! *grin* Guilty as charged. Kasiopea's comics played a large role in this. Allie



Re: Very belated for Cel!

*grin* Guilty as charged. Kasiopea's comics played a large role in this. I love those! They're just so adorable while being perfectly little boy 'Mirs!



Late for Obsidianj...

March 24 - Obsidianj (Chris): I would like something with Aragorn(Strider) and the hobbits or Aragorn and Boromir. Chris: Sorry this is late, but I feel that late is better than never! It' s just a bit of fluff, but I hope you enjoy it. Dawn, Three Days East of Bree Pippin stirred the mush of bacon and oatmeal; a scanty, poor way to start the day, for five travelers, and one of them oversized. A real breakfast would have eggs and streaky rashers, with sweet hearth cakes bursting with raisins and dripping butter. Dividing the meal, he ladled a double portion into Strider’s bowl. There was a slight hesitation before the Ranger dug in. “Not my idea of good, either.” Pippin grimaced, sat down and started to eat. “You’ve lived with elves?” Mouth full, Strider nodded. “What’s your favorite breakfast?” A pause. A swift smile. “Buttered hearth cakes with raisins.” Have many more very happy birthdays! Gwynnyd



Re: Late for Obsidianj...

Thanks so much. I love the oversized traveller line. Finally some payback for all the times hobbits are taken for children . I had to look up rashers. Never heard that one before. My dictionary said something about old fashioned... So it fits right into ME. No wonder Pippin has misgivings about the mush. Chris



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