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September 2004 Birthdays - 2

One week and counting until September. All you September lads and lasses, if you'd like a birthday drabble, give us a date and a subject, and we'll see what we can do!

September 17—Arandil: I love all things elven. I'd love a drabble about Thranduil and Legolas in a NICE father/son relationship. Or if you prefer elves of the non-Mirkwood kind, I also like Elladan or Elrohir. And if you want to go first age, I absolutely adore Feanor (don't ask). If Elves aren't your thing, my favorite man is Eomer. Just no slash please.

September 22 - “Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday!”

FOTR, “A Long-expected Party”

Yes indeed, it’s Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday on 22 September. We at Challenges have a very special gift for Frodo and Bilbo. We’d like all intrepid drabblers out there to try their hand at this:

Write a drabble featuring 3 of the following: a bottle of wine, a birthday cake, the number 111, fireworks and pipeweed. You have to make 111 words exactly.

September 29—Liz: My birthday is 29 September and I would like drabbles set in Ithilien: any time from when it was first settled at the end of the second age through to the resettlement after the War of the Ring.

Or you could always just write a drabble about my favourite Captain of the Ithilien Rangers/Prince of Ithilien and his relationship with the place.



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Hello all! Please post to this thread, as the old one's starting to look a little long. cheers, nrink



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Just to let everyone know: I've uploaded all the September drabbles to HASA Birthday Cards story, and the chapter is viewable. Sorry about the delay. Midsemester break is a Good Thing. Please let me know whether anything is missing, or whether you would prefer your drabble not to be there. Or, in the cases of Forodwaith and Branwyn, whether I've got your titles down properly. Thanks, Dwimordene Co-Challenges Manager



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Hi Dwim Thanks for doing this. When I took a look, I saw the formatting was a bit screwy - lots of triple or quadruple-spaced lines - so I went in and tidied it up (there were a bunch of HTML paragraph markups that needed to come out). Cheers, Liz Happy September birthday girl



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Oog, not a happy html translation. :-S I should know better than to trust Word, given that it's been freezing up on me lately (DON"T DIE, WORD!). Thanks for the quick fixes, Liz! One day, if I can get back in the writing mode, I'll have to contribute to your extended birthday. Among other peoples. *sigh* Too many birthdays, not enough creative ink right now. :-( Dwim



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Dwim and Nrink, Thanks for pulling my drabbles over. You got all of them I wrote for September (only one; alas, I don't have much creative ink right now either). But I did write one for Lady Aranel. Her birthday was in June. Could you put it in the HAWriters story, or else contact me privately about how to do it? To keep you from having to hunt the drabble down, I'll repost it here. Marta Mercy ***** "Daro!" Legolas cried into the night air. The shuffling sound of heavy boots on fallen leaves stopped. "Nock your arrows," he whispered to the other elves, reaching into his own quiver and fitting a well-crafted feather to his bowstring. "What business have you in Greenwood?" he demanded, stepping into the clearing. Never had he imagined he'd face twelve half-starved dwarves, huddling together. Yet there they were. The one in the tattered blue hood looked at him, the muddling effect of spiders' venom clear in his eyes. "Easy," Legolas said to the guard beside him. "Tie their hands tightly - but not cruelly."



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Hi Dwim! I also want to thank you for copying my second drabble over -- I had already deleted the email with the password (not having expected to write another so soon!) In regards to the formatting (thanks, Liz, for fixing it!): You no longer need paragraph tags or break tags in story texts. The editor honors any spaces you put between lines without any HTML formatting whatsoever. I'm not sure, but I suspect this may only have been true since the new HASA update a few months ago. Anyway, I would recommend updating the drabble format post to indicate this: On Formatting for the Collective Entry. The way it is now (with both explicit line breaks and also HTML break tags), the line breaks will be multiplied. HTH! - Barbara



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Barbara, Good catch. Actually, I still do use the darned break tags sometimes when I enter a story or (most especially) a poem into the story text box. I suspect this is just a personal idiosynchrasy that came out. But anyhow, yes, I should update that. Thanks! Dwim



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Lady Aranel, in June, by Marta, "Mercy"... it sounds like a Clue formula! ;-) "Mercy" is up.



Re: September 2004 Birthdays - Continued

Thanks, Dwim. And it does sound like a clue formula. I shall endeavour in the future to not write birthday drabbles that are three months overdue. Really, I will... Marta



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