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Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath

I read somewhere that the sons of Feanor didn't fight in the War of Wrath, but Maglor had to take care of the kids as well. I was wondering where they would've stayed -- their old fortresses would've been too full of orcs and dangerous to raise children. Perhaps they lived near the shore?
And I decided to follow the version of the attack on Sirion when Elrond was found in a cave, and named for it. but then he would already be about 4 years old, so I want to know what was his name before Elrond? There seems to be no certain names for the twins, but I'm favouring Elured and Elurin.
Someone correct me please?



Re: Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath

Wow - so many different questions!!!!!!!

1) By the time of the war of wrath, there were only 2 Feanorians left - Maedhros and Maglor. Canon is unclear as to where they were. One version says they were hiding on Balar with Cirdan and Gil-galad (which doesn't make much sense). Elrond's ruminations in the Council scene of FOTR (book version) imply that he was at the WoW in person; if he was still with M&M this might have made more sense. They were probably hiding out somewhere in Beleriand. We have no idea what happened with Elros. Bottom line is that there is plenty of wiggle room for writers

2) Canon varies a lot on the age of the twins when they were found by M&M - anything from 2-8 years old. Pick your poison. There was at least one source (I can't remember where off the top of my head, but I know it's in the end notes to one of my storie) where it is said that Elwing named the twins. Elured and Elurin were 2 of the possible names for Elwing's long lost brothers (once thought to be twins but Tolkien changed his mind on that).

Any of this help? Do I need to dig out more specifics?




Re: Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath

I don't know exactly where the Feanorions were supposed to be during the WoW (it's possible there is no definite answer, as there were double versions and contradictions of many such details of Middle-earth's histories, and that of its people).

I have heard word of a version wherein the remaining sons of Feanor indeed fought along with the host of the Valar (I assume this information was taken from HoME) during the WoW.

However, there is also this line in the Silmarillion (second edition, paperback, page 251):
'Of the march of the host of the Valar to the north of Middle-earth little is said in any tale; for among them went none of those Elves who had dwelt and suffered in the Hither Lands, and who made the histories of those days that still are know; and tidings of these things they only learned long afterwards from their kinsfolk in Aman.'

That seems to say that none of the Elves who were dwelling in Middle-earth at that time fought in the War of Wrath. Which would also include Elrond and Elros- but on the other hand, I had heard word that those two did fight in that war; and as someone else mentioned, it sounded during the Council of Elrond in FoTR as if he himself had been there. (One could argue that since the line in the Sil says that no Elves who dwelt in Middle-earth fought in the WoW, that the Peredhil brethren very well could have.)

I think there is no definite canon on this matter, or if there is, there are differing statements pointing in opposing directions. So, take your pick.

Of the names of Elrond and Elros, there are two versions that I know of. One states that Elwing named her sons Elrond and Elros.
Another states that they were found as children in the "under the cave/in the waterfall's spray" situation, and named accordingly (I understand in this version it was Maglor who discovered them as such, and I assume Maglor who named them).
Again, two differing accounts- and again, take your pick.




Re: Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath

Thank you so much for answering me! Perhaps I should get a pin and stick it on any ole place on the map. Looks like I have lots of choosing to do. (Some ideas forming already)



Re: Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath


In the Silmarillion, second edition, paperback, page 195, it says this of the sons of Feanor (who were at this point in the story still seven strong):
'...the sons of Feanor wandered as leaves before the wind. Their arms were scattered, and their league broken; and they took to a wild and woodland life beneath the feet of Ered Lindon, mingling with the Green-elves of Ossiriand, bereft of their power and glory of old.'

Then later, after Thingol was killed and Melian went West, and Beren and Luthien were gone, and the Silmaril passed to Dior in Doriath (page 236)-
' the seven gathered again from wandering, and they sent to him (Dior) to claim their own. But Dior returned no answer to the sons of Feanor; and Celegorm stirred up his brothers to prepare an assault upon Doriath.'
So the Feanorions attacked Doriath, and Celegorm, Caranthir, and Curufin were slain, and the Silmaril was taken via escapees (and Elwing Dior's daughter) to the Havens at Sirion.
Again later, after Maedhros learned that Elwing had the Silmaril in Sirion, it says,
'But in time the knowledge of their oath unfulfilled returned to torment him and his brothers, and gathering from their wandering hunting-paths they sent messages to the Havens of friendship and yet of stern demand.'
So, in short, seems they were mingling with the Green-elves of Ossiriand, and wandering around on the hunting-paths quite a lot around then. Point being, I wouldn't stick them somewhere in West Beleriand, to pick a place. Ossiriand is most plausible, I think.

Oh, and happy writing! =D



Re: Sons of Feanor during War of Wrath

According to one version of events the surviving brothers retreated to Amon Ereb, (a lonely hill fort in the south of Beleriand) after the destruction of their northern strongholds and returned there, presumably with Elrond and Elros, after they destroyed the Havens. Shortly thereafter however they too were driven from the mainland and took refuge on the Isle of Balar.

Now Tolkien specifically states that the exiles did not take part in the War of Wrath, (and one can see why Eonwe wouldn't want them given the Doom) but from what he says at the Council Elrond, (and presumably Elros) did. I would guess they left Maglor's care at some point and joined either their Sindarin or Mortal kindred on the mainland, whose help Eonwe *did* accept.

We must remember the War of Wrath lasted some fifty years, plenty of time for Elros and Elrond to grow up and join the Host.



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