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calling all herbologists! and other curious folk...

Wow, looks like I'm the only one asking research questions lately. Not sure what to  make of that.

This time, my question involves, yes, herbs, at least in how I visualize the answer. But it may turn out to be something altogether different. I'm searching in the real world for examples of what I'm looking for because I think even if you alter some details, if you start with something real, the end result will feel much more concrete and real.

I've scoured the internet (and come up with nothin') for a substance - preferably a plant/herb that will produce particular symptoms. I need something that can be made into a tea, though I can be flexible. The most important symptoms are memory loss - short term, but not necessarily that which would return - and what I'm calling "malleability." I need the person to become very open to suggestion.

I don't want something that would cause any symptoms that would cause the person to act differently. Yeah, cannibis would be a great example to work with, if it didn't make ya so loopy... In other words, I need the person to feel normal, except that he or she is very "open to suggestion" by others and then doesn't remember it.

Does this exist in the real world? If not, I'm still open to suggestions (hah!) on how to construct a fake substance.

thanks in advance!




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