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Caranthir the Cruel

In all the information I've come accross about Caranthir, he's always mentioned as 'Caranthir the Cruel' or 'Caranthir the Dark' yet there never seems to be any explanation as to why this is the case. Any help would be hot. Thanks.




Re: Caranthir the Cruel

From a quick search, I see two things that may help you. The first is that "Caranthir the dark" is contrasted against "Celegorm the fair". In HoMe 12, Peoples of Middle-earth, it says "he was black-haired as his grandfather."

For the cruel part, the Silmarillion had some answers: "...Caranthir, who loved not the sons of Finarfin, and was the harshest of the brothers and the most quick to anger..." and "Caranthir was haughty and scarce concealed his scorn for the unloveliness of the Naugrim..." from Ch 13.

Obviously, Caranthir's bio in Resources is due for additions!




Re: Caranthir the Cruel

Yeah that's where I first looked . I'm writing a paper about him so when I'm done I'll probably post it here, but there's really only vague generalities about him from what I've been able to find.



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