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Ringwraiths in Mid Third Age

Hi all Just wondering if anyone had seen any details about what happened to the 8 other Ringwraiths in the mid Third Age (around 1200-1800 TA)? The Witch King obviously was the Lord of Angmar, but I can't seem to find much of a reference to the other 8 until they enter Mordor and then take Minas Ithil. Would some have been with the Witch-King as his lieutenants, or with Sauron at Dol Guldur? Working on a fic of the North Kingdom and wondering if there would be other Ringwraiths with the Witch-King while he's invading Arnor/Arthedain? Elcalion



Re: Ringwraiths in Mid Third Age

I'm afraid I haven't found much. What little I had is here: Nazgûl. I see "Ringwraiths began to stir again" in the time of Malvegil (1300s) but no indication of what they did aside from the Witch-king. If you, or anyone, finds more, please tell! lyllyn



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