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EDITED: never mind I found it ... HAH! Never mind -- I found it -- and of course in the most obvious place -- the Appendices. Sheesh! The Sindarin names were Orgilion, Oranor, Orithil, Orgalahad, Ormenel, Orbelain (or Rodyn). Earlier it says that only the Dunedain used the Sindarin names for months so I assume it's the same for days ... Leaward **** Originally posted question .... I am looking for the names of the days of the week that the Northern Dunedain would use. I found an article in the reference section about the Calendars, referring to the Quenya names or the hobbit names for the days of the week. I've also found in PoME a reference to the day names that mentions that the Noldorin's had different names from the Quenya names. Quote from PoME, The Calendars: "Their Quenya names were: Elenya, Anarya, Isilya, Aldarya, Menelya, Valarya (or Tárinar). The Noldorin names wre [Argiliath .] Ariglion, Aranor, Arithil, [Argelaid .] Argaladath, Arvenel (-fenel, -mhenel) Arvelain (or Ardórin). The Dúnedain kept the dedications and order, but altered the fourth day to Argalad ‘Tree-day’ with reference to the Elder Tree only, of which the White Tree that grew in the King’s Court in Númenor was a descendant. Also, desiring a seventh day, and being the greatest of mariners, they inserted a ‘sea-day’ Aroeren (Quenya Ëarenya) after the Heavens’ day." So they use a different language for this day than Quenya (I can only assume it's Sindarin?) I can't see that the Northern Dunedain would use hobbit names to refer to days, and Encyclopedia of Arda only mentions the following: "The fourth day of the Númenorean week, equivalent to our Tuesday. This name was adapted from the Sindarin usage 'Orgaladhad' ('Day of the Trees', referring to the Two Trees of Valinor). The Númenóreans held the White Tree Telperion in special reverence, and Nimloth, the tree that grew in the King's Court at Armenelos, was said to be its descendant. Hence, they changed the name to Orgaladh ('Day of the Tree', referring to Telperion only)." Now this differs from what PoME says. So if a 'civilian' of the Dunedain (at the beginning of the fourth age) wanted to say "I'll meet you next 'Wednesday'" what day would they use? Quenya, Noldorin, or what? Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but I want to be accurate on this.



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