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Snow in Gondor?

Besides on the mountain tops, is there any place in Gondor where it would have snowed (even just occasionally)? Or is Gondor too far south for it? The "Atlas of Middle Earth" is supposed to include climate information, but I do not own that book (yet, anyway). Thanks for any help--a simile is riding on this. ;-D Regards Branwyn



Re: Snow in Gondor?

Hi Branwyn There was a long discussion about this over at the HA Yahoo Group a few months back, starting at post #37901. The discussion is still there. I think it was mostly about whether it ever snowed in Minas Tirith but I think the discussion looked at climate in Gondor as a whole, IIRC. Hope that helps. Cheers, Liz



Re: Snow in Gondor?

Thanks much--I found that discussion. The opinions on snow in Minas Tirith were mixed, then the thread mutated to "Unclothed Faramir," which I had to force myself to stop reading [laughing]. The locale in question is farther north, near the border with Rohan, so I am going to assume that there is some snowfall. Thanks again Branwyn



Re: Snow in Gondor?

then the thread mutated to "Unclothed Faramir".... I did not stop reading, and my imagination was immensely happy to see so many creative ways to get one certain ranger unclothed... ~Meril



Re: Snow in Gondor?

Meril, I didn't say that unclothed Faramir was a bad thing--I just had to tear myself away or little writing would have gotten done that evening! ;-D Branwyn



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