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Elros' Timeline

Not really a question, unless someone has more insight on this, but has anyone ever noticed that the date of birth given for Elros in HoME contradicts his date of death given in the appendix of LoTR? If he lived 500 years total and ruled Numenor for 410 of them, then he must have been 90 years old in 32 of the Second Age when the Edain arrived there. That means if the First Age/WoW ended in 597, he would have been 58 years old at that time; thus he could not have been born in 532, 65 years prior to the end of the WoW, seven years too early. If we use the other date for the end of the WoW, 587, that still makes him 58 years old at that time, and unable to have been born in 532, 55 years prior, three years too late. Basically, if the First Age had ended in 590, everything would work out. -AE Who. Feels. Like. Such. A. Nerd.



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