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Secondary sources for Dwarves

This is a cross-post from the Dwarvish Haven forum, in case anyone wanted to know about some secondary resources of Dwarvish information, including where to download the rune font. As Lyllyn will attest, I am of the thwarted librarian/scholarly bent, and so I wanted to share with you all the photocopied and printed out articles that I have in my "Dwarvish Notebook." Yes. I have a purple 3-ring binder with 3-hole punched pages about Dwarves. Be very afraid. As he quotes most of his sources, I have these two articles from Michael Martinez, who has since gone on to publish Visualizing Middle-earth: Them Dwarves, Them Dwarves! (part 1) Them Dwarves, Them Dwarves! (part 2) There are also two interesting essays about Dwarves in the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference book (Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference, 1992: Proceedings of the Conference Held at Keble College, Oxford, England, 17Th-24th August 1992 to Celebrate the Cenenary of the Birth of Conference- published by Mythlore and currently out of print, but your local library can probably secure it by inter-library loan, as mine has done for me... twice...) ~"Explorations into the Psyche of Dwarves" by David A. Funk -A decent article, but mostly nothing new. ~"Short History of the Territorial Development of the Dwarves' Kingdoms in the Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth" by Hubert Sawa -This rocks, (every pun intended) mostly because of the maps. He has mapped out where the Dwarves started, moved, annexed and were later forcibly removed over two ages. It's rather handy. The other big one, if you're into Tolkien's evolution of Dwarvish runes, is The Treason of Isengard, also known as HoME Vol. VII. The 'Appendix on Runes' begins on page 452 and goes on to page 465.

If you want a place to download Dwarvish runes, or Tengwar, go here: Daniel Smith's fonts

Hope this is of use to someone!



Re: Secondary sources for Dwarves

Thanks Thevina! I have scant information about Dwarves, this is very helpful. Cheryl



Re: Secondary sources for Dwarves

Excellent! *rubs hands* Stories focusing on Dwarves are more rare in fandom than other genres, it's true, so I'm doing my part to help those who care to write about them. Guess I should go home now and write something about an adolescent Denethor and visiting Dwarf from the Lonely Mountain to get this silly Nuzgul off of my ankle...



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