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The surviving exiles in Middle-earth

I posted this on the HA list as well, hoping someone can answer.

Can anyone think of Exiles surviving into the Second Age?

Galadriel of course, and depending on which version of his birth you accept, Celeborn. The Fëanorians are gone, except possibly Maglor.

Was Celebrimbor born in M-e or Aman?

Who else stayed?




Re: The surviving exiles in Middle-earth

And I'll post my own answer from the HA list:

According to 'The Peoples of Middle-earth' Curufin's wife remained in
Aman, so Celebrimbor must have been born there.
Gildor Inglorion introduces himself and his company as 'Exiles', so he
must have been there during the Second Age.

Addition: there's a Galdor of Gondolin in the 'Book of Lost Tales II'. In one version he's said to have returned to Valinor with the remnant of the Gondolindrim, but who knows if he didn't stay after all and turned into Galdor of the Havens.



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