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traveling distances and times?

How long did it take Galadriel to go from Lorien to the Grey Havens? Is it possible that she was present for the second anniversary of Aragorn and Arwen's marriage at Midsummer if she sailed away on September 29th? I think so, but I'm not sure, and I need it for a HA birthday challenge ficlet. I tried to work this out with the map, but it's hopeless



Re: traveling distances and times?

In the Atlas of Middle-earth the distance measures out to approximately 700 miles (about 1100 Km). If Galadriel was riding at a moderate pace - I've seen estimates of 5 to 7 miles per hour - and extra time would be needed to cross the Misty Mountains, or to go around via the Gap of Rohan. If you assume 50 miles a day most days, (might check with the horse experts on how long a horse could reasonably do this) it's at least 2 weeks, more likely 3. Given the need to rest, possible stops to visit, adverse weather, and the geography; I'd guess that a month is reasonable. That makes it possible but tight for the anniversary. Lyllyn



Re: traveling distances and times?

LOL! Can't believe I almost missed a horse question ! A good horse should be able to cover 20-50 miles per day, (depending on terrain) for long periods of time (month or more?), if they have a rest day every 3-4 days. It would be reasonable to assume a traveler would have at least two horses to alternate in case one was injured. the 5-7 mph is a good estimate of a good traveling pace. I recently rode 25 miles in 4.5hrs with my 8yo son -which averages to 5.5mph. 7mph would take a fit horse and an experienced traveler. -which I would imagine Galadriel to be.



Re: traveling distances and times?

Thank you both very much Between Galadriel probably having access to better-grade horses (possibly descendants of Noldorin horses brought from Valinor) and her elven resilience, I think I'm set. It'll make a nice ending to the story, her saying goodbye because she has to set off right away. Note to self: arrange a copy of the Atlas of Middle-earth...



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