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Elves and dwarves

Can anyone explain why elves and dwarves ardently dislike one another? I understand it has something to do with dwarves assaulting Doriath, but I'm not sure enough of the whys and wherefores -- or if it even was Doriath that started it -- to make a brief reference to it in a fic with any authority.



Re: Elves and dwarves

Thingol commissioned the Dwarves to set his Silmaril in the Nauglamir. The Dwarves lusted for the Silmaril and got uppity. Thingol slapped them down 'with shameful words' and they killed him. The Dwarves that survived told the other Dwarves that Thingol withheld payment for the work they had done, and things went downhill from there. It is in the Silmarillion, Of the Ruin of Doriath.



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