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Elves, Mirkwood et al...

Hi all okay, I've been attacked by a rather ambitious nuzgul, but I have some finer points to iron out about Mirkwood Elves before I can proceed (with gusto, I might add! )

This story will probably cover from about two years after The Hobbit until right before the War of the Ring, ending when Aragorn brings Gollum to Thranduil for safekeeping (probably). I've read the Appendices from LOTR to get an idea of the major events pertinent to my story, but I could really use some direction to where I can study up on elves, specifically Mirkwood elves. What did they do on a day to day basis? What did they do in general? I'd imagine warrior patrols were common, where did they go? How many were in a patrol? Etc, etc etc...well, you get the idea. How likely would it be for a party of elves travelling to Imladris to run into a band of orcs in the passes of the Misty Mountains? (of course that opens up another set of questions about orcs, but I'll refrain on that for now... )

I feel like I need to expand my knowledge a bit more before I can attack this story that is begging to be told! I can't really afford to be buying the scores of books by Christopher Tolkien (I have the Sil, LOTR, Hobbit, Morgoth's Ring, and a book of M-e Languages/words) but I'm hoping for maybe some websites or even a tip as to what books would be beneficial to me, and perhaps I can find them at the library? Or, if there is a brave soul willing to correspond by email with me, that would be welcome too!

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer. 'tis a frustrating problem to want to write, but to be lacking in the knowledge to do it in an acceptable way.



Re: Elves, Mirkwood et al...

Well, as far as I know there is next to nothing about Wood-elves in the Sil, as it is a Noldorin tale. I could give you some hints where to check for information on the Net, if you want?
Well, a good starting point for information, quality fanfic and discussion is definetly Mirkwood Castle . They specialise in Nandorin and Silvan things there
You could also check Ardalambion ( which is here ) for the article on the Nandorin dialect of Sindarin
Characters under which you could find something here on HASA are Thranduil, Celeborn, Legolas (pre-Ring War or post of course! ), Haldir, Rumil, Orophin, Caranthir (the Sons of Feanor loved among Green-Elves at the end) and Galadriel.
Hope this can get you started!
Good luck with the fic



Re: Elves, Mirkwood et al...

I could give you some hints where to check for information on the Net, if you want?

Sure! Thanks! that does get me started! I'll dig around more here on HASA resources and see what I can find. Also, besides what I've found in Morgoth's Ring, which other resource books would be good to read over in regards to Wood Elves/Thranduil? (if any) I may be able to find them at the library.

Thank you Maka!



Re: Elves, Mirkwood et al...

You also might check the articles by Michael Martinez and others at

J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth




Re: Elves, Mirkwood et al...

Having written them, I can tell you that Rúmil and Orophin's biographies are just a subset of Haldir's.

I keep meaning to go through the Lothlórien chapter and glean more tidbits for these bios (mostly Haldir's), but haven't done so yet.

- Barbara



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