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Gold smithing help needed

I am working on something, but am stuck because I need some specific gold smithing references. I have a character, a jeweler who is melting down a piece of gold (simply melting it down, not shaping it). I need to know what tools would be used, the kind of setting and the heat needed to melt gold (it's a soft metal, so I don't think it would have to be very hot), how it would be done (preparation, the process and afterward) and where (in a blacksmith's shop or a separate smithy).



Re: Gold smithing help needed

I can't see why it couldn't be done in a blacksmith's shop as long as it can be kept clean enough.

Gold does require a high temperature compared to some metals like lead or pewter; the melting point is 1063 Celsius or 1945 Fahrenheit. Currently a small artisan shop might melt gold with a gas or propane torch, but it can be melted by a forge fire or charcoal fire combined with an air blast from a bellows. One thing to consider is whether the gold will be used unalloyed, "24 karat". Jewelry and other objects are often made out of alloys to give greater strength. The highest karat gold used for jewelry is 22 karat, and that is very soft and easily damaged compared to lower percentage alloys.

One big issue would be cleanliness, you don't want any extraneous substances, dust, grit or anything else to get into it as that would affect the integrity of the finished work.

The jeweler would need the forge fire and bellows, a crucible for melting, heat resistant gloves, (likely to be leather in M-e, I would think). Flux is helpful as it prevents oxidation of the metal, which is more of a problem in alloys than pure gold. I don't know what would be available in M-e, but borax is used as a flux.

edit: And tongs. How could I forget tongs? And whatever mold the jeweler will use for the melted metal.

I don't know if this answers everything you need, I can answer futher questions.




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