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Can anyone give me the exact translation of Imladris? Does it correspond exactly with "riven-dell" or is there a slightly different meaning? I think it is Sindarin, but I want to be absolutely sure before I write any scene with Elrond explaining the name of the valley.



Re: Imladris

Imladris: 'Rivendell' (literally, 'Deep Dale of the Cleft'), Elrond's dwelling in a valley of the Misty Mountains.

imlad: a narrow valley with steep sides, in 'Imladris'.

ris: 'cleave'.

It's all I can find at the moment, but I think it's Sindarin.



Re: Imladris

Yup, it's Sindarin.




Re: Imladris

If anyone is reading "Envinyanta" in Beta and wants to read the ironic word play Elrond commits in the naming of Imladris, much of part 7 was posted this afternoon.



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