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Sindarin question

How would you say "servant" or "house servant" in Sindarin. I have a character who polishes the furniture in a Sindarin speaking household. How would the lords/employers address the servant? (Okay, aside from "hey you!")



Re: Sindarin question

I think this is an interesting question, because it raises the issues of class distinction. We know the elves had rulers, kings and princes, but for the most part these appear to have been benevolent leaders, who saw leading as a manner of serving. Those who served them appeared to do so by choice.

I guess I would say if they knew the individual, they would address them by name. If they did not know their name, it would depend on the situation. I would think it would be a respectful form of address. There are verbs 'to serve' in 'buia-' and 'buio' - perhaps you could form your own word for 'one who serves'.

How's that for a non-answer?




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