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Dear Tay, How can I ever thank you for writing such a beautiful poem! It was so lovely, and full of images of great depth and meaning. Everything you wrote is do dear to my heart, and I must thank you for writing it and giving it to me this day. Thanks, so much, for doing something so thoughtful and beautiful for me! I have no words to thank you

I left some feedback at the 'Verse and Adversity' forum. I will paste it here:

*wipes tear from eye* *stretches hand to grab one Minas Tears Kleenex out of box*

I feel so privileged to have this dedicated to me, Tay. How could I ever thank you! It has made me happier than I can properly say or express (and, there is no emoticon that says 'truly touched'!) I see so many parallels in the poem that I had not noticed before... I promise I will explain once I have recovered.

Now, if I may comment on the poem, I love the image that you have created between horses and foam. What a beautiful way to portray the esence of those two, of what they are and what they hope. So different, yes, but so alike too; perhaps that's what they saw in each other, or what they liked to discover about each other... pleasant surprises every day, I'm sure! I love this picture I have in my mind of Lothíriel beholding the sun king of Rohan for the first time! He may have been so different from what she was accustomed too. I fancy that she found him somewhat rough and unpolished But then, she saw him astride

Thanks, thanks so much, Tay!



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