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Gilbert and Sullivan are rolling in their graves...

...but at least one reader around here
1) understands who G&S are, and
2) is

It's late at night and I've had WAY too much caffeine, which is what led to the thought that spawned this post:

ELROND = STREPHON. He's fairy from the waist up, but his legs are mortal!!!

NO, wait: Arwen as Iolanthe and Aragorn as the Lord Chancellor! Which means Galadriel would probably be the fairy queen, and I suppose the whole thing would have to take place in the fourth age with Eldarion as Strephon. And Gondor would have to develop a Parliamentary system.

But it kind of makes sense... I mean, any girl would be pretty upset if she saw Liv Tyler cuddling up to her man . Or, in the words of G himself, "A-taking of his dolce far niente."

PHYLLIS. Oh, shameless one, tremble!
Nay, do not endeavour
Thy fault to dissemble,
We part--and for ever!
I worshipped him blindly,
He worships another--

STREPHON. Attend to me kindly,
This lady's my mother!

TOLLOLLER. This lady's his what?
STREPHON. This lady's my mother!
TENORS. This lady's his what?
BASSES. He says she's his mother!


LORD CHANCELLOR. (sternly). Recollect yourself, I pray,
And be careful what you say--
As the ancient Romans said, festina lente.
For I really do not see
How so young a girl could be
The mother of a man of five-and-twenty.

ALL. Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

STREPHON. My Lord, of evidence I have no dearth--
She is--has been--my mother from my birth!

(WS Gilbert)

Okay. Some of us - obviously - really need to get some sleep.
-Waltraute (Clearly 'tripping.' )



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